Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day, Anti-Gay Ammendmant, AIDS Resources Squandered, Moscow Pride

To all my blogger friends on Memorial Day. I have enjoyed my couple of days off spending time with fellow gay campers and friends. Yet I have a heavy heart that a regular schmo like me is able to bond with fellow GLBT brothers and sisters over a beer and some bbq, while gay men and women serving this very second to ensure my country's safety and freedoms, must
not celebrate or memorialize or fellowship, with other GLBT in their company, without fear of reprisal and getting kicked out of their livelihood for whom they love. Please take some time today, as you memorialize all of your relatives and friends who have sacrificed for their country, and remember that we are living in a time when the GLBT community may not serve their fellow americans proudly, but must hide in fear and shame, may not have the protections and rights that our str8 friends and family enjoy, and that our very government, that was formed to give Americans freedom from oppression and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is nearly 10 days away from actually putting language into our wonderful Constitution, that would oppose freedom in America for certain people, the gays. I ask all of you, my blogger friends, to take time this week to truly memorialize all that everyone has done for us that have come before us. Gay and straight, black and white, rich and poor, men and women, should be honored for answering the call to serve our country. Please take the time this week to visit the American Veterans for Equal Rights. Take time this week to write your local Senators and Congressmen, urging them NOT to write discrimination into our Constitution. Take time this week to remember why this country was formed, what our founding fathers had in mind for our personal freedoms and inalienable rights.

In the news, Frist Acknowledges Anti-Gay Amendment Aimed At Energizing GOP Base. With Republicans on the defensive and for the first time in six years facing the potential of a crushing defeat at the polls in November Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is turning to the issue that successfully galvanized the GOP's conservative in the past banning gay marriage - to reverse the party's lagging support. He also is pushing an amendment to bar flag burning. Asked if these were the two issues were the most important the Senate can address in June - with the nation facing escalating gas prices and a host of other problems, Frist said his agenda will focus on securing the country and its values. "That union between a man and a woman is the cornerstone of our society. It is under attack today ... [by] activist judges, unelected activist judges," he said. The proposed amendment would bar same-sex couples from marrying, block courts and state legislatures allowing gay marriage, nullify marriages already performed in Massachusetts - the only state in the country where they are currently legal - and according to critics possibly block civil unions and override domestic partner laws.

Also, denial, food shortages and squandered resources were among the problems preventing thousands of AIDS patients from getting treatment in countries hardest hit by the disease, according to a report by treatment activists. The findings were in an update released Wednesday by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a group that reported in November on the reasons countries failed to meet the U.N. goal of treating 3 million people infected by HIV and AIDS by the end of 2005. Only 1.3 million people received treatment. The report focused on six of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic the Dominican Republic, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa. An international alliance of AIDS activists has called for setting a new treatment target of "10 by 10" 10 million people having access to treatment by 2010, the coalition said.

And finally, after much anticipation and controversy, Moscow police moved quickly Saturday to end a gay pride march, and prevent a counter demonstration from organizing in the Russian capital. Police staid that 200 people were detained by police, including Nikolai Alekseyev, one of the organizers of the pride march. A police spokesperson said that about 120 of those arrested were members of the gay march, the others were part of a counter demonstration. While police were arresting the gay marchers other officers were rounding up skinheads, members of a far right political group and supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church who were gathering not far away to form a counter protest. Earlier this month police had to form a human chain to hold back more than 150 skinheads and Russian Orthodox Church supporters from rushing a gay event at a Moscow club. Skinheads hurled tomatoes and plastic bottles at the gays while members of the Church held religious icons and prayed. One gay man was reportedly beaten unconscious.

I appologize if the post today is rather somber, but we are in a somber
time in our nations history, and this should be a somber holiday, not
just an excuse for a three day weekend and bbq's, though celebration of our veterans is not a bad thing. I cannot speak for veterans, I decided not to serve, and dont regret it or doubt my patriotism for a minute. I do however respect the choices made by our GLBT brotheren in the service, and honor their commitment. I cannot be forced to hide who I am from my employer, or a commander, it is not who I am, even though I believe in the right to not have to live my sexuality on my sleeve as well. I just want to be given the choice, without fear or recrimination. Thanks again to all veterans, and your honor be felt in your life, not just a day of the year .....GG

And in honor of our Veterans and our Great Country..



I just read the story about how the mayor of Moscow banned the gay demonstrators, and it really irked me.

I cannot believe nor understand how people can still be this, THIS closed-minded still!?


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