Saturday, May 13, 2006

Popcorn, A Little News, Cruisin' Magazine

Happy Sassy Saturday Blogger Friends. I dont know about you, but I needed Friday night to just CHILL. I had a long week, and this weekend I need to commit to updating the pages on the website for Tuesday, so I took last night off to just veg out, reflect, watch some tv, and make some popcorn. I enjoyed it all except the popcorn, welcome to my world.....I have been thru all of the popcorn phases; oil in the skillet and the bag o'popcorn, that when you open it, half of it spills all over the place because its like grabbing a hand of sand, it squishes together and oozes out the top all over the place.

I have done the magic jiffy pop aluminum tray that expands the aluminum foil up like a Guru turban, but then all of the bottom ones too close to the cheap aluminum near the flame are burnt and ruins the flavor of the bottom 1/4.

I was an 80's "air popper" kind of guy, where the hot air spins the corn around and sends it up and out the shute on top, and where if you try to catch it in a slick bowl, the first few that shoot out bounce in and out of the bowl and all over the counter.

I have overcome the health and diet benefits of popcorn by buying those big bags of kettle korn at all the county fairs that are laced full of extra sugar to make it sweet and salty. Damn them fairs and festivals.

Which leads me finally to my current "microwave" popcorn phase I am in now. Have you seen the alarming rate the popcorn section in most major grocery stores are taking up more and more shelf room, soon to eclipse varieties of pasta shelves? High salt, no salt, light salt, mega butter, light butter, no butter, kettle, caramel, Jiffy, Orville, Pop Secret, and I am sure Uncle Ben is getting in on the action any day now.

Anywho, to make a long story finish, I am down to my last bag of good ol' Orvilles regular ol' popcorn, (I like to add my own salt and real melted butter,) when after a perfect coating of melted butter, I proceed to gently shake the salt upon, which I have just filled, and BAM, didnt put the lid on shaker well enough and about half the shaker lands in my popcorn. Ruined, Finito, Woulda tasted better to lick the birds salt lick, kinda bad tasting. Thank God for the Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey back-up in the freezer.
There is not much in the news this weekend so far that has interested me much. I am disappointed that The Senate Privileges and Election Committee, in the state of Virginia, voted 9-5 for the same wording as the House Privileges and Elections Committee, on a amendment, if approved statewide on the Nov. 7 ballot, would write existing statutory bans on same-sex marriage and civil unions into the state Constitution. The fight was really only over the wording of the amendment, not the amendment itself, so win or lose, I think the fact that they got it to be ruled on, and press covering it, is a step in pointing out the bias of the legislation. You can read more HERE.
Not much to blog about today, am going to concentrate on the website updates. I do have some good news, and some bad news to share though. Bad news first, is I havent really gotten any entries into either the "GOO GOO for Mama" or the "Make a Gay Guru Endorsement Pic" contests. I dont know if I was just a cheapskate with no great prizes, or people just dont have the time to write much anymore. Either way, I like the idea of interaction between me and you all, so I will keep attempting some things until I find something that sparks some interest. The good news, is I am going to be writing for a new Tri-State GLBT publication for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, called Cruisin' Magazine. They currently publish monthly and circulate about 10,000-15,000 copies per month. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity, and look forward to seeing this through, and hopefully exposing even more people to our blog and website. I will keep you updated as it goes forward, I believe my first article will be for the June Edition. Take Care blogger friends, give a hug or a call to your mom's and enjoy the weekend............GG



Your comments regarding same-sex marriage issues in Virginia reminds me of a great line from Whoopi Goldberg's "Back to Broadway: the 20th Anniversary" on HBO. If you haven't seen it you really must...she's usual! Her character, Fontaine, said "If you're so worried about gay marriage then just don't marry one!" Fontaine was full of great commentary regarding Georgie Boy. Gotta love those falling numbers in the's about time you woke up, America...just hope it's not too late. ;)

The Gay Guru

SoCalGal...I just saw it on HBO 'on demand' and absolutely loved the whole show, Fontaine was so politically spot on I loved it, and her talk about ummmm, how you say, ladies personals, lol, was hilarious.


AWW that was bad about the popcorn! I suppose I should get started on my entry for the contest while I have my computer..I'd surely win now...LMAO! It takes time I guess for contests, etc. to catch on!
Hope you have a great rest of the weekend..BTW, I always love the graphics/pics you choose! And yes, you need to hurry and show yourself to us..hehe
I despise pics of myself!


I don't think I ever thought of, let alone given popcorn that much thought nor insight as you did in this post.


Spc. Freeman

Congrats on the writing position! Keep us updated!

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