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"Falling" Short of the Finish Line, The Lost Blogs, School Sends Discriminatory Literature, Add to the Frappr Map

It's just another Manic Monday bloggers, how are you? I had so much to get done today after relaxing over the weekend, that I overwhelmed myself and did not get much of anything done that needed done. Oh I thought once I got my happy butt moving I was doing fine, but in the end, just could not cross the finish line. Speaking of that, take a look at our video down below today and you will see what I mean. I love how You Tube always has a video for whatever trauma I am going through, lol. Ever feel like this? Confident that its all going well and you are flying to get through the day and all of a sudden, something trips you up and you fall just short of your goal, HATE THAT.
One of the reasons for falling behind today was the "Go To The Bookstore" on my to-do list. I always lose track of time in bookstores, I love them. Well today was the release date of a book I have been hearing a lot about, and had to pick up. It's called The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison. For all of you blog enthusiasts out there, this is a must read. The premise is that is a collection of blogs "found" by the author from great and notorious people throughout history. It's been available on for a while, but arrived in most bookstores today. The author, Paul Davidson, Is a helluva blog writer himself, if you follow his link. Check it out if you have the chance, you will enjoy it.
Surfing the LGBT news, I came across this item and checked it out to be valid. I was appalled by the mom earlier who wrote to the band, Fall Out Boys, but this just made me outraged. To have a public school tell others that my lifestyle is illegitimate and to tell them because we "physically don't fit together and therefore contrary to the laws of nature", has crossed the line of their educational duties. The following is the letter sent to Equality Alabama, and I immediately sent a check out to their cause. If any of the Gay Guru's friends or readers are out there, please write letters of support, or whatever you can do to make a difference.

I am sincerely outraged at the pamphlet that my 12 yr old daughter was given by Honeysuckle Middle School. The pamphlet is titled "The Top 10 Questions Teenagers Ask About Sex". Question 8 in my honest opinion is teaching my child to think that my lifestyle is wrong. Below is the question and answer it gives:

8. What can I do if I am attracted to someone of the same sex?

"You probably have many friends that are of the same sex as yourself. Some teenagers today are confused about the differences between friendship and homosexuality. This confusion comes from how television and movies present sex. Too often, homosexuality is shown as a legitimate lifestyle equal to a hetrosexual lifestyle. These same sex "unions" cannot provide an adequate means of achieving a genuine physical relationship with another human being because this type of "union" is contrary to the laws of nature. There can be no real union because same sex bodies do not even physically fit together. If you or someone you know is struggling with same sex attraction, you can find help and obtain more information at these websites." (offers some websites)

I am really pissed off and I am going to HMS tomorrow morning to talk to who ever gave this to my daughter. If anyone has children in the Dothan City School system they should be aware of what the school is teaching our children. Apparently it is teaching our children to discriminate against their own loving parents.

Angie Williams
mother of Taylor age 12 and Zoe age 2
Proud Lesbian

"This email was sent to us on 4-26-06. Help Us Repost. Let's Make the Difference Together"

Paul A. Carnes
SE Alabama Coordinator
Equality Alabama

Not much to talk about today bloggers, still trying to finish my list of things to get done today. If you havent yet, please go over the the map on the left and click the "ADD" and put yourself on my Frappr Map so I know where you are all visiting from. Thanx. Have a great night.................GG



Hi GG,
This is Eddie from Hawaii. The reason I'm being anonymous is this is the only way I can leave my comment for you(...not in AA meeting.) :-)

I do not know what Jesus has to do with blog but something I'd like to tell you. It's the book called "The Gospel of Judas Book". Here was a gospel told from the perspective of Judas Iscariot, history's ultimate trator. Remeber that infamous kiss? He was saying that Jesus asked him to do that. So he could move to next level.


It's me again. I have to make it up for you that I was not able to put comments before. Unless you have a limit.
Just reading Augusten Burroughs's new book- Possible Side Effects, thinking that all these blog things are new to me. Started from Ross's...and yours. Having fun so far but sometimes I think "Is this kind of obsseions which can be side effects?"

Looking your tube today reminds me that something I tried to organize- fan club, blog t shirts design.
Did I fall just short of the goal?


I tried to work your map thingy, but I think it's broken. Anyways, hello fro S. Dakota!


Thumbs way up on the LOST Blogs. I won a signed copy of it in a contest last month!!

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