Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cleveland Pride Today, Submit "Ask Guru"/"Hot Date/Couple" Forms to Website, Funny Videos

Hey Blogger Friends, happy Saturday. Just a quick reminder that I am off to Cleveland Pride parade and festival in about an hour. There wont be a blog post today, but will have one tomorrow with lots of pics from Pride. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday. Remember that I have decided NOT to update the website until July 1st. That means you still have time to go to the website, if you want to submit any "Ask the Guru" questions or send in a submission for "Hot Date/Couple of the Month". If I dont see much more interest in the Hot Date/Couple, I may eliminate that part from the next website update, it's up to you to keep that part alive. If you really want to see it continue, submit your name(s) and photographs on the website submission page. I will leave you with a couple of funny videos I have found in my net surfing, (warning, the second one has innappropriate language for youngsters to be around.)....Take care blogger friends, .....GG

This Clip has Adult Language, Make Sure No Lil One's Around


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