Monday, June 19, 2006

MEME Mondays, Cleveland Gay Pride Festival (part 2)

Okay Blogger Friends, here is part 2 of my Cleveland Pride Celebration, at the Pride Rally and Festival. Unfortunately, being the big dork that I am, my camera was in "movie mode", instead of "picture mode" for most of the festival, so I have lots of mini-movies, and not sure how to get screen captures off of them. So here are the only pictures I can scrounge from the Festival. As I said on the previous post, the Pride Festival was held at Voinovich Park, which is right on the waterfront of the great Lake Erie. The festival was right after the rally and parade and went from 2pm until 8pm. This was a lot better turn-out, than for the parade, but there was a lot of families around with 'lil children, so I am sure my too much sun/hot theory, came into play for these sweet and precious families. The rally featured a lot of the democratic candidates running for state and local offices in Ohio, and a call for equal rights and an end to discrimination.

Inside the festival, I lost track at over 60 vendors, and thankfully food and drink vendors that were constantly running out of "cold" water and soda. The loneliest booth at the festival was the Log Cabin Republicans, and I took some small pleasure in that. I will be writing about a lot of the booths on my local coverage in the gay magazine I write for here, but there were some awesome booths. There were two entertainment stages, the main, and a small performance stage, and both rocked the place. Unfortunately the camera was in wrong mode for all of the small stage performances, but the great gay marching bands played, and a phenominal Drag Kings show took place with these ladies rocking the place as guys. (I wouldnt want to be there for the tape removing afterwards, ducktape and sun I am sure dont mix.) Of course for the main stage, my camera was in the wrong mode until Singer/Model Paul Lekakis came out to perform. I still missed a lot of stills from it, but I was paying attention more to the camera for good shots of Paul, lol. His big claim to fame was the #1 Billboard hit "Boom Boom Boom, Let's Go Back To My Room". He was very nice afterwards, I bought a CD, he signed a picture for me, and is going to try to do an email interview with me for a future website update. Click on his link to check out his website and get the current single, "I Need A Vacation." Also on the main stage were national performers Thelma Houston, and Cadye Kane. Sorry, no photo's of them, just mini-movies, damn. All in all, it was a great festival and I was happy to be there, sunstroke or not, lol. Have some fun looking at what meager pics I have, and then I have your MEME for the day....take care blogger friends!!

Two Friends at End of Parade Showing Sticker Love to Closet Case UK Blogger Friend

The Walk from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the Rally/Festival

The Huge Crowd at the Pride Rally Before Festival Was Opening

Entrance to the Pride Festival

You Can See How The Festival Was On Lake Erie, Beautiful Park

One of the Many Drag Performers on a Waterfront Stroll

Out Performer and Model Paul Lekakis

Paul Lekakis Signing His Picture and CD for Me

View From Festival of Rock/Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Cleveland Browns new Stadium

Leaving The Festival on that Long-ass Walk Back to the Car

Hope you all have a great week, I am bag into blogging mode again after two light days, thanx again for your patience. "In The News", returns on tomorrows blog. Enjoy your MEME, and please leave some comments about Pride and the pics.

Cleveland Pride's theme this year was "Calling All Heroes", in honor of that, your MEME for the day is to see what kinda here you you go.....GG

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Space Hawk

Your Superpower is Waking Through Walls

Your Weakness is Itching

Your Weapon is Your Gas Gel

Your Mode of Transportation is Clown Car




hey Scott, thanks for the mention, and thanks again for taking part in my sticker campaign! - Im just about to post the pics on my website!

..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

Very cool locatin for the Celebration, and it looks like you had great weather.

Great pics!


Hiya, GG...looks like it was a GREAT day and you got to see Candy Kane?!?! She's awesome! Had the good fortune of seeing her in an intimate 3 piece set-up...her singing, a pianist, and a friend of mine playing bass...was incredible! Am hoping to hit San Diego's Pride Festival this year which is the end of July. Shame on me for having never been...better late than never! Thanks for eventually figuring out your camera so you could share the pics! ;)


WOW! Amazing photos! I am so gonna take that superhero test!


Cleveland seems like a very cool place to live and hangout.

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