Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Omen 6/6/6, NSA Eavesdropping, Dr Phil

So my friends are all ready for the Apocalypse, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. I dont think I have been able to NOT find a reference through my interactions today, about the date being 6/6/6. It was laughed about on Regis and Kelly, it was mentioned in the morning news, Mama Guru called to make sure I had some bug repellant if I went out in case of locusts, it's going crazy out there today. To top it all off, I am being terminally bugged by my friends to go see "The Omen", which is opening today in theaters. Now of course I know that half of this is pure for the fact that they are tying it in with the date, and they like the macabre, but I also know it's about fun at my expense. I am NOT good with horror/slasher/freak-out movies. It is a known fact amongst most of my friends. I tend to let out a good scream or jump about a foot out of the chair in most scary situations, and cover my eyes for much blood and guts stuff. Normally, the most enjoyment I let my friends have at my expense is going to haunted houses at halloween, I usually draw the line at horror/scary movies. In fact I still get laughed at by a couple of my friends for the last movie I actually was persuaded to go to, where I jumped and grabbed my good friends (girl), boyfriends hand and squeezed the hell out of it. (the fact that her boyfriend is fricking hot, had absolutely nothing to do with it, when I had friends on either side to pick from, bwaa, ha, ha). So no, while my friends are waiting for the apocalypse at the local cineplex this evening, I will be home doing laundry and folding my t-shirts. I will however be joining them later at the local pub, so just in case the end is near, I will be comfortably buzzed not to notice.

And in the news, In case the NSA is reading this, FUCK YOU!! The National Security Agency has refused to say if it is collecting information an members of the LGBT community for gay civil rights organizations. The agency was one of a number of government entities which the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and about a dozen other LGBT groups sought information under the Freedom of Information Act following news reports the Bush administration was conducting domestic spying on gay groups. In a June 5 letter to the attorney for SLDN, the National Security Agency said it will “neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence” of information that may have been obtained through agency surveillance of the LGBT.

Watched Dr. Phil today out of boredom. Probably a repeat, but kismetically, had to do about gays. First was a militant lesbian, so caught up in trying to be, she didnt really know how to live. Dr. Phil asks her to mend fences with her unaccepting family by focusing on other things besides her gayness. "But that's who I am she replied, its all over me, you should see my tattoo's, etc. etc." and McGraw replies, "being gay is your orientation, it's not who you are, there is so much more to you than that." Hmmmm..sliding a slippery slope on this one, but I actually agree with the good Dr. I think maybe his wording was wrong, being gay IS who we are, but not all that we are. Now sure, I am not saying that everything I do is not colored thru my gay filter in some small to large ways, but that is not my only filters I have or use. I am proud without having to put a rainbow sticker on my car. I dont need to prove my gayness to anyone, anymore than I have to pretend to be str8. I think some gays do us a disservice, when they have wrapped their ENTIRE identity up in being gay. I believe we are unique, and have a different perspective on a lot of things because of our orientation and sometimes just plain out Fabulousness, but we are the same with everyone in a lot of ways as well. I wont go into the ex-gay ministry segment on the other part of the hour, or I may have to throw another chair however.

Eye candy tomorrow as we come to midweek. I am putting together Chad's interview still, making some notes for some blog and website improvements, and trying to think of some marketing ideas to get the Gay Guru out there to the community and friends. Second beautiful day in NE Ohio, and gonna put a steak on the bbq in a bit, and read a little on the front porch. Enjoy your day blogger friends, If the Apocalypse comes, save me a seat in heaven, i'll be there when i finish ironing and folding these damn shirts..........GG




My post and yours today match almost perfectly.

And I ran into yours just as soon as I was done posting mine.



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And my friend is pregnant and due any day now and her husband had been calling her all day asking her if she felt like the baby was coming or not. They're having a boy, and he kept saying that if the baby was born on 6/6/06 that he would sneak the name Damien in whether she liked it or not. Last I heard though, lil guy was still in utero.

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