Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Website Update, Reporting for Gay Games, Gym Membership, Marriage Appeal in Cali, FOF Bashing Senators, GayStr8 Alliances, The Mighty Woofables

Well spank the monkey and call me Tarzan, I finally got to writing todays post. Sorry it is so late, but I had to get the finishing touches on the website update completed and then needed to rest my eyes from "putermonitordystrophy", and then the darn cable went out. But here we go........ Hooray!! The June 1st update is done and up on the website HERE. I redesigned the pages just a smidge, but have bigger redesign plans in the future as things start to fall together. I have some volunteers for a Health/Fitness, Lesbionic, Music/DVD/Entertainment page writing, and am always looking for other volunteer writers, so email me. We should be able to get those pages all up before summer is up. The podcasting looks like July if all goes well, (fingers crossed everyone.)

I am featuring Kelly Clarkson, as this updates featured artist, and am still looking for independent musicians to feature and spotlight, so if you know of anyone, send them my way. On the home page, be sure to sign up to be on the Gay Guru Emailing list, so I can send you out notices on future updates, contests, and information, and newsletter only scoop. Also on the home page, I am asking for help on a new opportunity that was just given to me. I have been invited to be an official correspondent, for Gay Games VII, in Chicago. It is a big honor, being so new to this blogging and website stuff, but the organizers liked my pages and sent me credentials to the official media center of the Games. Unfortunately, I was not really expecting it and know I cant afford the entire trip, so if you will check out the page on the site, thru the homepage or HERE, I am doing something that is very hard for me and asking for help. Check it out if you can.

Also this morning, I started a new membership to the local gym. I have always teased about being the cuddly, chubby Gay Guru, but I really want and need to work on my weight and my health. I took out a one year membership, so that on June 1st, 2007, the Gay Guru has been transformed into the "Sensational Svelte" Gay Guru, or at least, the "Hubba Hubba Husky" Gay Guru. At the very least, I am gonna get one of those gym bunnies to help me write my Health/Fitness page for the website.

In the "Are We or Aren't We," news front, a series of lawsuits by same-sex couples seeking the right to marry in California, will be heard by an appeals court on July 10 the court announced on Thursday. The various cases will be heard separately that day by First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, but the court said it will issue one blanket ruling. That will set the stage for a single appeal by whoever loses to the California Supreme Court, likely next year. The cases all arose after San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004 began allowing marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex couples. Some 8,000 gay and lesbian couples married before the state Supreme Court halted the march to the altar. The issue of same-sex marriage has already reached the high courts in three other states. Wednesday the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, heard arguments in four gay marriage lawsuits.

And you know it's election time, when Focus on the Family, a longtime opponent of LGBT civil rights, has launched an aggressive advertising campaign attacking senators in 13 states who have stated they will not support the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The ads are running in daily newspapers and on radio stations in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota. Both Democrats and Republicans are targeted. In Colorado, where FOF is based, the ads show a freckle-faced boy and have the caption, "Why doesn't Senator Salazar believe every child needs a mother and a father?" They ask readers to call the Colorado Democrat and "urge him to support the Marriage Protection Amendment."

Finally, polar opposite to my posting the other day of the fantastic school district in SoCal for promoting diversity training, we have a Kentucky LGBT civil rights group is urging a Covington high school to stop delaying the approval of a Gay-Straight Alliance. A GSA provides a place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, and work to end homophobia. Many GSA’s function as a support group and provide safety and confidentiality to students who are struggling with their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. GSAs are in schools across the country. In areas where school boards have attempted to block them Federal courts have repeatedly ruled in favor of the students. Recent cases were in Utah, California and Indiana. While the school has delayed making a decision on whether it will allow a GSA to organize it has approved 16 other clubs including one dedicated to the animated cartoon, Anime.

Remember to check out the updated website blogger friends. The third installment of one of my favorite new comics I have been linking you to each week is up again. Be sure to check it out, this time The Mighty Woofables, are featuring the cuddly bear, "Rictor.".....Laterz.....GG

And in honor of getting the web update done....


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