Saturday, June 24, 2006

Celebrity Top or Bottom, Aaron Spelling Passes Away, 7,000 Same Sex Unions in the UK, Prince Disowned for Being Gay

Okay blogger friends, so here I sit in the middle of the day, so guess it's obvious I didnt make the 3 hour ride to Columbus today to celebrate their Pride, but I wish all my friends down there a great time. I have been alluding to a couple of projects I have been working on the last week or so, and today I am gonna tell you about one and ask for some imput. The other one will be ready later tonight or tomorrow, and I will be asking for some feedback on that site as well. Both sites I am going to test out thru links from here, but I am still working out the bugs and some programming issues. If there is anyone out there who is pretty fluent in webpage script writing, email me HERE.
The first site I want you to peruse today is Celebrity Top or I wanted a fun site to work on that was a little bit funny, a little bit naughty, and something that people could keep coming back to and checking on. Thus the idea of Celebrity Top or Bottom was born. It's a pretty simplistic website that features a grouping of 2 celebrities, where you get to vote that in your mind, you think that celebrity would be more of a top or a bottom in bed. I set it up with one weeks worth of archives to look thru, and tried to come up with some pretty random celebrity pairings. I will be adding a celebrity pairing everyday, 7 days a week, so people will check back often. For now, I am keeping the pairings with a little bit of commonality between them thru their work, gossip, or I just think they work well together. On the "About Us" page, there is an email link where you can email in any celebrities, singles or pairings, that you would like to see featured. I am having some trouble with the tracking, thats why you will not see how many voted with you for top or bottom in this week long beta test thru my blog. That's one of my programming issues I would appreciate the help with, from all you techies out there. Please go check out the site and either leave comments here, or some honest email feedback.

In the news, a pioneer in television, and very friendly to the gay community, Aaron Spelling, the man behind some of television's most successful series has died following a stroke. He was 83. His list of credits includes "Dynasty", "Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills 90210". He also produced more than 140 TV movies including "And the Band Played On". When "Dynasty" premiered in 1981 it had prime time television's first gay positive character - Blake Carrington's son Steven originally played by Al Corley and later by Jack Coleman. The series explored the difficulty of coming out and resulted in Blake kicking his son out of the family home. Corley played the part without bringing in any of the stereotypically tragic gay characters of the past. When the writers caved in to network demands that Steven be "cured" of homosexuality Corley quit and was replaced by Coleman. Throughout his career, Spelling maintained the same image: the skinny frame, slightly hawkish face. He usually posed with a pipe in his mouth, a custom he adopted early after seeing stars with pipes in fan magazine photos.
In a fantastic display of numbers, Nearly 7,000 same-sex couples have entered into civil partnerships in Britain in the four months since they became legal. The majority of the couples were married in England and Wales where 6,516 pairs tied the knot. In Scotland, some 350 couples have exchanged vows. In England and Wales 4,311 couples were male and 2,205 female. Despite the lower numbers in Scotland, one-in-five of all couples tying the knot in Edinburgh were same-sex couples. The civil partnership law went into effect December 20 in Scotland and the following day in England and Wales. It applies only to same-sex couples and offers all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage but without the name.
And finally, proving Titles dont always have their priveledges, The eldest son and heir of one of India's princely families has been disowned after coming out publicly. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla quickly became the public face of the gay rights movement in Gujarat and is the patron of the region's biggest HIV/AIDS organization.
The prince learned that he had been stripped of his title, inheritance, and all rights in the newspaper. His family, one of the richest in India, this week placed an official announcement in local papers accusing him of disobedience and of bringing dishonor to the royal family.

That's all for me today blogger friends, unless I get the other fun site I have been working on up. It's along the same lines as the one above. Tomorrow, I think I might have a bit of a surprise for you, so be sure to check back and see if it works. Thanx for your help in checking out the new website, if you like it, I will ask you to link it to your blogs, but not until I get all the bugs out first, in about a week, I would appreciate all the buzz on it, I can get. Have a great weekend, and talk to you all soon..........GG



R.I.P. Aaron.

Ya truly had a wonderful life.

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