Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First Audio Blog Entry, Celebrity Top or Bottom, Politcal Heaven or Hell

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Well, there you have it blogger friends, my first audio post on the Gay Guru, Gawd how I hate the sound of my recorded voice, lol. As I said, I will be starting podcasting in July, so I wanted to get my feet wet with the "audioblogger" feature available here at I didn't realize it has a 5 minute max. time limit, so the cast cut off abrubtly, sorry about that, this is a big learning curve for me. The good thing about the feature, is that it's created from your phone, so I created that audio blog entry from my lil cell phone. Since I didnt trust it, lol, I made the recording on my cell in my living room, and ran over here to the 'puter to check it out and add to the entry, haha. That DOES mean however, that I now can do quick little blog recordings wherever I happen to be from my cell, I am loving that in case I cant get back to write a blog entry that day.

In keeping with my Sunday short posts, I am gonna end this quickly today. If you didnt have a chance to check out our fun new website yesterday,, click on the name and try out the beta-test version as we are updating the code and site, and give us any helpful suggestions on what needs to be done to it. There are email links on the "about us" page, where you can send your suggestions, or here on the blog comments is fine.

The other site we have been working on for phone is now up for beta-testing as we work the kinks out of it as well. Please check out, and vote where you would like to send the featured political figures featured each day, to heaven or hell. Same thing, please provide us any feedback you can to make the sites better, easier to navigate or whatever. Anyone who writes code and would like to help out with the tracking, which is what we are working on now, please email or contact me at Have a great week blogger friends, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday...........GG



Well, now that the name is out there I don't have to worry about accidentally using it! lol How TOTALLY cool to hear your voice, buddy boy...just adds to the complete package that is you, the Gay Guru. And yes, I know, we ALL hate our voices, so get yourself over that and do've got me hooked! :) Don't worry, am still beyond hooked on Eye Candy...but you're as close a second and there could be. Congrats on everything, Scott! :) Btw, what's the latest on the huge fly??? ;)


Wow, you have alot of ideas and youve put ALOT of thought into your site, good for you!

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