Thursday, June 29, 2006

System Crashes, Star Jones Self Destructs, The Mighty Woofables, Funny Video, Extra Eye Candy

Okay blogger friends, so it is two days before the new website update and I am in computer hell!! My system keeps crashing and I have a lot of editing to do still. This post will be short and sweet, but I will make up for it by a little extra helping of eye candy that didnt make it on yesterdays page. A couple quick things on my mind.....Star Jones...what a waste of a good gastric bypass, she was snarky enough as a large-in-charge woman, and now that she skinnied up, she is just burning bridges left, right and center. I am one of the many who wanted to see Rosie O'Donnell open a can of whoop-ass on Star this September, but it seems that was never to be all along, not due to Star, but ABC knew she was a disaster already. If Rosie wanted to help her reputation, she should go on now while they are down a host, and give Elizabeth a little warm-up into what life in reality is going to be like.........My favorite gay comic The Mighty Woofables, has a salute to Pride on it's current strip of the week...........Comments, comments, I live for comments!! I know I am getting lots of people visiting and reading each day, and I thank you for it very much, but every once in a while, take a sec and say HI in the comments section. You dont have to comment on the post, just let me know how you are doing. I definitely feel the blogger love thru your great emails, but a comment is kewl too, lol........I am going to get back to beating on my puter with a hammer til it starts working right again, and finish up the update so it's ready to roll on Saturday. Have a great day blogger friends....and enjoy a little fun video for those of you into war gaming on game box, and some extra eye candy....GG



Well you sure know how to get a comment out of me, GG...just pop a little extra Eye Candy and I'm there...damn, I hate being so predictable. ;) Good luck with the puter probs, babe. We can't have you unable to've become too much of a staple for us!


Nice candies. I black&white is the sweetest to me.

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