Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Website Update Complete, In The News, The Biggest Bath House In The World, Daily Eye Candy

Happy July 1st blogger friends, can you believe we are now over half-way thru another year, jeeeshhhh!! I can't believe I did it, but the website update is complete as well. I will be sending out an Email newsletter later today or tomorrow, reminding everyone, and I have a couple other announcements as well. When you have a chance to check-out the new update on the site, you will be finding a few changes. The format is still the same for now, but I deleted a couple pages, and added a few more. According to the website's stat log, the "Shopping" page, was pretty much the least viewed page, so I have discontinued it. Also for this update, I eliminated the "Dating" page, but just for this update. The paradox of the dating page is that it is probably one of the most viewed pages on the site, but I have had really no interest from anyone in submitting themselves for the "Hot Date's or Couple's of the Week", which is one of the reasons why I think that page was so popular. So without a date or couple to feature, I discontinued the page for this update, but am going to re-invent the page with other "Dating" related themes and articles on the July 16th update.

I did add three pages to the site, to make up for the deleted pages. "Leaning Left" is the new political page to the blog. I was weary of putting my political thoughts and belief's out there, it tends to sometimes alienate readers, (not just my thoughts sillies, but anyone's political thoughts alienate readers, lol,) but I think politics and religion, and the often mixing of the two, makes it impossible for an informed person in the GLBT community, not to care about the political climate of the nation/world. I made the page an open forum by putting a "Halo Comments" link on the bottom right of the page, so anyone can give their two cents on their thoughts about what I have written, or bringing up topics of their own. I have also issued a challenge to fellow bloggers who are Republican or Conservative, and would like to challenge and debate me on an issue, to submit an email to me and we will take a topic of theirs or my choosing and present that on future updates. The challenge is not just for bloggers, but readers too may take up the challenge. There are ground rules however, and they are listed on the page, and must be abided by. I am going to send personal email challenges to Right leaning bloggers that I enjoy reading, including: Ethan, at BratBoySchool, Scott, at BoiFromTroy, and the Captain, at CaptainCox,, and see if they have a topic they would like to debate, I enjoy reading their blogs, even though I dont neccesarily agree with their political opinions a lot of the time. Hopefully this page will be accepted and read and create some debate and offer some information.

Another page I added, was "Media Review" page, that offers commentary and reviews on independent minded music, cinema, and television. I am very happy to welcome into the Gay Guru family, Bruce from Cleveland, a fellow writer and blogger whose blog Senseless, is a great read and I hope you pop over sometime to say hello. He has found some kewl new music, one song plays on the page, and the other two you can click over to listen to. He will continue to offer independent artists, and hopefully some up and coming from the GLBT community as well. If you would like to have you or your group featured on Bruce's review page, email him at his link on the website, or just to The movie views got me wanting to check them out, and I did go over and download the free download of Kyle XY that he reviewed for television. Check it out, and let Bruce now how you enjoyed his thoughts.

The last page I added was a "Health/Fitness" page, that is going to be offering exercise and eating tips, along with articles about health and fitness that will benefit everybody. I am still looking for an editor to take charge of this page, if health and fitness is your thing, and you can donate time to provide 2 updates a month for the Gay Guru website, please email me at As my diet keeps going along, I am picking up a lot of great tips from the friends I am meeting at the gym, and I will be passing along whatever great information I can find, but can always use the help, if you want to send in any article you find, that might be informative for the website.

Along with the new pages, almost every other page was updated as well, I featured a great gay owned and operated restaurant in Portland, Oregon, talked about the Grey Goose Vodka Recherche club in the UK that has great benefits for members along with a hot virtual bartender at the Grey Goose website, gave a recipe for "Beer can Chicken", there are new "ask the guru" questions up, along with The Gay Guru's recommendations for a fun, gay friendly honeymoon, a product line I stumbled upon changing the connotation of the word FAG to Fabulous and Gay in the "grooming" section, and of course Mikey did a great job on the HIV Awareness page. Be sure to check out everypage at the website, and tell all your friends, the next update will be July 16th, enjoy.
Well enough talk about the website, in the news, you can read about "Gay Philanthropist, Microsoft Pioneer Ric Weiland Dies" HERE,, "India To Provide Free HIV Drugs" HERE, "Ark. Governor Calls For Ban On Gay Fostering" HERE, and "Ohio Anti-Gay Amendment Does Not Void Lesbian Mom's Rights Court Rules" HERE.

Finally today, before we get to our newly featured "daily eye candy", you have heard of the expression and song, "Texas Has A Whorehouse In It", havent you?? Well guess what? Ohio has a bath house in it!! And not just any ol' run of the mill bath house either, the BIGGEST EVER IN THE USA, and probably the world!!! A Miami businessman is spending $7 million to convert an old Greyhound bus garage in a Cleveland industrial area into an upscale, men-only bathhouse. The ambitious project by Cleveland native Charles Fleck features hotel rooms, swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools, a nightclub-restaurant and a rooftop sand pit for nude sunbathing. The two-story Art Deco style building on the city's near East Side sits among factories, warehouses, big-truck docks and blue-collar shot-and-beer bars. It's also a few blocks from the city's main homeless shelter for men. It will feature an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a giant Jacuzzi that could seat at least 30 men, sauna baths, 30 hotel rooms, a nightclub, a Wi-Fi-enabled restaurant for computer users, a laundry, a workout gym and even a eucalyptus-vapor room. There so far has been very little controversy so far, but it does not officially open until tomorrow, July 2nd. The Gay Guru has been given a free invitation to the grand opening tomorrow, and I will probably attend just to check out the spectacle of the thing, (get all of your minds immediately out of the gutter blogger friends, lol,) Actually, tomorrow night I am scheduled to see that gay musical I told you about the other day, "Ain't We Got Fun", so I will be in the area anyway, hehe!! I will be sure to fill you in on all the juicy details.
Remember to check out the website update, links in the right column, and I leave you with todays daily eye candy....enjoy your weekend!!.........GG



Your web site changes sound great. Goes without saying the best blog change is daily Eye Candy. ;) You've been a very busy boy, Scott...good for you. Have a fun time at the show and a great and safe holiday weekend! :)


The enormous gigantic bathhouse sounds like a true blast and paradise of epic gay male proportions!

Play safe boys and have fun!

See u there I hope!



I know I haven't been able to check in as often as I used to (because fat tourists need to eat and someone has to serve them! -no not jaded-) but I think your site is getting better and better! Soooo my Gay Guru!!!

The Gay Guru

Thanx for all the compliments guys and gals, come on over anytime Wat, I will put you up for the nights not spent at the bath, lol. and Leonard, I understand bro, make those tips, I wanna come visit you Wat and Socal in Cali....GG

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