Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hiding From The Heat, Blogger Quest Final Weekend, Daily Eye Candy

Saturday is here, blogger friends, and it's still hot here in the NE Ohio area. It's going to be 90-100 degrees this weekend thru next Wednesday, so the Gay Guru is going into hiding since I have no air conditioning. I Will spend time at Mama/Papa Guru's air conditioned home for some website updating and preparing the groundwork to launch The Gay Guru After Dark. I will be checking out the dollar theater for a little re-watching of Mission ImpossibleIII and X-MenIII. And I will be hitting the malls, sans money, lol, to do some power window shopping in the air conditioning. Hope you are all having a great weekend with food, family and friends....

There is now 2 days left to get in your answers in for "Blogger Quest". I have quite a few entries, but there is still room for lots more, and NO ONE has gotten every answer correct and and the bonus questions, so good luck to you all. I know it's not the biggest prize in the world, like a new convertible Mustang or anything, (shameless plug, you always hear celebrities say a product on their show and get free ones, lol, so how about a free Mustang you cheap Ford people, LMAO), but who couldnt use a little $50 dollar shopping spree at Anyway, I will be giving a clue today, tomorrow and Monday morning, but remember, Monday, 6pm Eastern Time is the deadline for entering. Here is todays clue: Seems question 8 is stumping a lot of people. Blogs can be "valued" and traded at a fun site called "Blogshares", like a fun stock market game for bloggers. Those that participate usually have a link on their site somewhere. The Gay Guru's valuation is now currently a little over $5200 dollars, whooeeee, lol. The blog in question is one of the last 5 blogs mentioned in my favorites blogroll, and a key to his blogs name is in the clue...good luck. I am going to list all of the questions again, just so you dont have to run back to the website if you dont feel like you go........

"Blogger Quest"

Rules of Play:

1) You may only enter the contest once.
Email your answers to the Blog Quest
questions, to the Gay Guru HERE, by Monday,
July 31st, 6pm Eastern Time.

2) The contestant with the most correct
answers will be the winner.

3) In Case of a tie, all of the contestants with
the most correct answers will be dropped into
a hat and one name will be pulled out as the
sole winner of the contest.

4) Correct answers are at the sole discretion
of the Gay Guru, and if a partial answer is
incorrect, it may count against you.

5) All answers will be found in the Gay
Guru's Blog, or under the "Favorite Blogs" or
"Links" section, on the right column of my
blog. (I am sorry adult blogs, but I want
everyone to be able to enter the contest, so I
will not be using any of your blogs in answers)

5) Winner will be announced on the daily
blog and the Gay Guru website update, on
August 1st...........Good Luck....GG

Sample Question: Rosie's are red and violets are blue, coming September you'll hear her point of View. On Valentine's Day, one of the kid's saw a curious sight, but in the end, thought it was alright. What am I talking about?

Answer: If you know that Rosie O'Donnell is starting on The View in September, you would check out her blog link, and you know that Valentines Day is on February 14th, so you would check out that date in her archives, you would read that, as she was putting her son Blake to bed, he asked why she was wearing makeup, she said it was cause she was on TV that day, but he liked it and thought it was up to her.....Answer: Makeup

Question 1: On your mark, get set, it's time to go, on this blogger quest, so other blogs you will know. You begin your quest on a continent far far away, where there's shrimp on the barbie, and they all say G'day! It's actually a little more South and more East, go check out the blog of this sexy beast. The answer you seek fly's on gossamer wings, it's up in a title, these cute little things.

Question 2: So you think that you've got it, you know how to play? Then I'm about to send you another way. Go see my friend over Los Angeles way, he lives an existential lifestyle, or so some may say. He links to a place with song info galore, if you make it this far, there is just one step more. On 4/25 the spotlight shone bright, on this fun new artist, who's name makes your answer right.

Question 3: Well you're on a roll, but there's lots left to do, I have a friend who sends me shampoo. I am peppering you with questions, but for this find the salt, Mama Guru loved this stuff, and so did Uncle Walt. Well now that you've found it, here's what I want to know, just how long must this solar crop grow?

Question 4: I love's me some star gazing, and this next blog might be found, as a celestial body that is usually big and quite round. Not that he's big or he's round, he's quite cute, though I wouldn't mind seeing him, in his birthday suit. Back on the 14th, just over a year, there is candy to be found, that had me grinning ear to ear. The answer to this question really quite rocks, what is the name on that funny candy's box?

Question 5: What a punk, what a scoundrel, think of a spoiled child who's all that, Why some would even call that scoundrel a ______. But this boy I am thinking of is really none of those things, he is mannered and friendly and good looks he does bring. He has a page where associates all are laid out, number 274, what is that all about? Now here comes some math, I know, dont complain, but for every ray of sunshine, falls a drop of rain. I want you to take 54 add 31 and times 2, and give me the name of the blog that number corresponds with for you.

Question 6: Is all this rhyming stuff driving you up a tree, well now you all know what it's like hanging with me. Off we go on another quest, dont stop now, no time to rest. At the theatre you might yell this to bring out an encore, but for here it's just another silly ol' door. Andrew's the best, he programs great shows, what happened with the designers, only Andrew knows. At the premier party, number 3, there was a big hit given away, yes it was free. What was this item, dont end in a rut, what man gave them out, think "Queer as Folk" "Honeycutt" (there are two answers to this one I am looking for)

Question 7: With working and blogging, honey boys and girls too, I don't know how he manages all the things he seems to do. He makes a good point, there's never one side, but two. Now listen up to what I need you to do. There's lots of things to like about being gay, 100 or more, but for this little question, my favorite's number seventy-four. Name it.

Question 8: For the answer to this, keep your hands off his stuff, wow that was too easy, I need to make these more tough. On June 12th, around 8 his value took quite a jump, I think I would kill to have such a bump. His value you say, what the heck do you mean? It's his value I want, take a look at that screen. The value of his blog on that date and that time, you must get it right, or it's not worth all the rhyme.

Question 9: Was the last one too difficult, I need to make them harder, I dont want just any ol' philly winning this 'pardner. So now off we go on a political quest, I will start to separate, who is good from who's best. Some of us are in the closet and Tricia's got her's too, but to win with this contest, here is what you must do. There's a song there that's posted, by a band that is great, If your lighter is out, use them to not wait. In the video the lead singer bumps into a guy who's shirt is red, he's also wearing glasses, but I want to know what is Exactly on his head.

Question 10: For question 10 there are two answers to be found, but I will give you a bonus if you want to stick around. This place is mine, and mine alone, a fun little space with a quite friendly tone. I've actually had more than 1100 friends visit me there, it's where the Guru got noticed and made people aware. So here's question one, it needs to be said. How many bites, till my 'lil pet has been fed? The answer to two is not far from the Games, but I have a friend a little south in St. J, and I want to know his name. For a bonus point to put you ahead of the rest, take a second to breath as you complete your quest. On the Map that is there are you on it yet? If not add yourself now, it's always a good bet. A bonus point will be given if you are not there, and then add, but to my friends already on there, dont be so sad. You have a shot, at a bonus point too, what is my sign in the zodiac zoo?

Question 11: Five questions left, you are doing quite well, so pat yourself on the back and give a big yell. Now please dont groan but it's time for math once again, you need to do it to move, on to the end. What is 16/9ths minus 13/9ths to the lowest it goes, to get this right, you need to be on your toes. My friend has a good eye, for candy and shapes, in fact he is studying buildings to make. A recent post gives a birds eye view, so here I pose a question to you. At the third letter of the American alphabet you will find, a place named for great man, who had a great "peace" of mind. What is the name of this place which i speak. Get this one wrong, I will consider you weak.

Question 12: We continue on, with this little quest, from the Gay Guru's home, we are moving Southwest. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, he's republican bent, but we're friends all the same. His vow is to change us, one at a time, but I'll give him his views, if he'll give me mine. He actually blogrolls with 2 friends from Cleveland, though I missed them at pride, for their audio stimulation, I wont leave them. (damn these rhymes) Get the answer to my question and you'll surely be in, what award are they trying for, I hope that they win!!

Question 13: Though Letterman's funny, my boy Jay is the man, took over for Johnny, and I'm a big fan. While watching him once, he did a bit with a Paige, well an Intern really, but the move was sage. This guy got great ratings, with sarcastic fun wit, it was a star in the making, this was really it. He kept having him back, a really smart plan, with fan's of his own, he's become his own man. He hands out some tests, well, it's really a pop quiz, but to answer this one, you need to know who it is. This is one celebrity, who's really on the ball, and their favorite movie is "Annie Hall". Who is it?

Question 14: Almost to the end, the next to last step, keep up your energy, don't lose your pep. For those that don't know it, Boz is the best, so get to his link and you've passed part of the test. The recipe to winning is in your grasp, check out his blog and check it out fast. I'm looking for recipe's made from a wonderful treat, I can't believe it has a cookbook, that's pretty neat. This treat was a
favorite when I was in my "teens", and they'll be around forever if you know what I mean. If you name the cookbook, all is well, but if you find the answer...shhhhh, don't you tell.

Question 15: This is it, there are no questions more, you've done a great job, hope it wasn't a bore. The last thing you seek, I need to make a bit hard, but this place has gifts, and clothes and cards. It's a little obscure but there's a hint in two places, right before you get started, and somewhere on the blog down three spaces. If I was too charitable, I would give you a clue, but for now, this is all I will do. The answer I seek is really quite tough, but I want to know the price of an "art buff". So there we are we have come to the end, good luck to you all, fill out your emails and SEND

Well, its time to get out of the rising heat in the apartment, and head to the air conditioning after a nice workout at the gym. Take care blogger friends....GG



Wow to the Eye Candy, kiddo! Am off to San Diego's Pride Festival tomorrow with camera in hand...if any good ones are taken I'll let ya know! Thankfully our weather has cooled down tremendously...was 116 last Saturday and only up to 88 today...yee-haw! Stay cool, buddy.

Marco Valente

Mmmm this is tricky lol

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