Monday, July 10, 2006

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So I get home today to write out my lil ol' daily post, and what do my wondering eyes did appear, but an audioblog from yesteryear. It seems some old audioblog post I did from a week ago, that I THOUGHT I had deleted because I didnt need it, popped up on the blog today as a new post on todays date. WTF??? I hope other random audio posts that I tried to delete dont magically appear, some were deleted for a REASON, LOL. Quick personal news, Papa Guru had a stroke yesterday and is in the hospital for tests. Luckily it seems to be somewhat minor as far as strokes go, but they still need to do tests to see where the clot came from so they can decide on a course of action. He is mentally fine, able to walk around and move, (though they are only letting him get up to go to the bathroom), and already back to his ol' cheapskate self, saying Mama Guru will bring him food, dont charge him for disgusting hospital crap, lol. He has minor loss of some control of his left arm, and his speech is still a bit slurry and the left side of his face is a little droopy, but relatively minor in the scheme of things. If you could all send out some mental Papa Guru love, I would appreciate it.

I told you over the weekend, I am going to add a bit of old home wit and wisdom from time to time on this blog from one of my favorite authors, Robert Fulghum. The author of many great observational and slice of life books, Mr. Fulghamn is in fact a story teller, as his official storyteller license, given to him by a friend proves. Storytellers it seems, has a credo to live by, and I am going to start my introduction to Mr. Fulghum, by just letting you in on the story tellers credo, a glimpse at what will lie in store for some future posts.

They Storytellers Credo:

I believe that Imagination is stronger than Knowledge

That Myth is more potent than History

That Dreams are more powerful than Facts

That Hope always triumphs over Experience

That Laughter is the only cure for Grief

And I believe that Love is stronger than Death

Since I was a little lack on news over the weekend, I will link a few of the highlights: Huckabee Uses Denouncement Of Gay Families To Garner Support For White House Bid HERE, Pope Ends Spanish Visit As He Began It With Attack On Gay Marriage HERE, New Hope For Gene Therapy To Combat AIDS HERE, and Alabama Court To Rule On Gay Parenting HERE.

I was going to post a bit of a preview of the interview that we did with Ryan White's mother Jeanne today, but since this post is already a bit long, I will hold off on that until tomorrow. Mikey did post a quick preview though on his blog HERE, if you wanna check it out. The full interview will be on the website update on July 16th, Saturday, so be sure to look for that. As Mrs White-Ginder said, there is no polarizing role model for the fight on AIDS anymore. Ryan served that purpose back in the mid 80's. He was a face and story that John Q. Public could identify with, emphasize with, and hopefully lose some of thier fears and ignorance with. There is no one really like that today. Even the celebrities, Greg Louganis, Magic Johnson have been out of the news cycles for ages, so that our up and coming gay youth, have no one to identify the disease with, and are therefore thinking it is under control, and are increasingly using high-risk activities with their partners and strangers alike. HIV/AIDS is still a very prevelant and life threatening disease, and we need to keep the word out to the younger generation, and a reminder to those slightly older in the community, who have forgotten.

As for MEME Monday, I will share a little about Papa Guru, since he is in the hospital. He and Mama Guru are both 67, and are living the life of leisure in Beautiful Northeast Ohio. My dad has had 2 heart attacks already, his first one at 39. He was finally forced to retire on disability at the age of 50. Looking and talking to my dad, you would think he is the picture of health. He is fit and very smart, but unfortunately, due to his bad heart, he cant really walk more than 15 minutes without having to sit down and rest for at least the same amount of time. He and Mama Guru still spend a lot of time travelling and doing stuff around the house, but the fun or work time is dedicated to short bursts of energy. I am sure this stroke wont slow him down too much more, and he will soon be trying to beat me at Canasta, (a card game), very soon. Thanx again for your warm wishes.

On to some daily Eye Candy, and a fun lil' MEME of your own to try...Have a great week blogger friends.......GG

Since we are talking about Strokes and the Brain

Your Brain's Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.

You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.

You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.

You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.



Good thoughts out to Papa Guru, Scott...keep us posted, k?

On a happy note....don't forget that Pee-wee's Playhouse returns to Cartoon Network tonight at 11PM...I know ya like him, too! :)


Gay Guru you sure do pack in the info! Your site is really cool, lots of interactive stuff. I am such a novice, all the bells and whistles are a bit frightening.
I will see if I can navigate my space and add you as a link, I have done it before so it shouldnt be too hard. Keep up the gay fight brother, one of these days we will all be treated with the dignity and respect we deserve.
Gavvybear :)


OMG, I'll take the first guy....yummm!!


I'm sending out love and positive vibes to your old man.

Tell him to take it easy ok?

And yeah, like mardo, I'll take the first guy too!

The Gay Guru

Thanx for the kind thoughts for dad, and yes, number one is very yummy...GG

..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

thanks for the yum-yum and I hope Papa Guru gets better soon = )


I just read about Papa Guru, and then I read he's getting better. So sorry to hear that and I of course will say a special prayer that he has a full recovery! ;-) peace

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