Saturday, July 22, 2006

Casino Night, "Blogger Quest" Clue, Life in the Gay Ghetto, Daily Eye Candy

It's Saturday Blogger Friends, are you enjoying your weekend? I came back from the casino with less money, but a smile on my face, if you know what I mean. It was a great thing to ease my mind from all the stuff I have going on and just do some mindless, relaxing, selfish pursuits. The second entry into my "Blogger Quest" contest has come in, but still is missing three answers....I emailed them back for a second bonus chance, (but I dont tell you which three you got wrong). I promised a clue today for the contest, so I will elaborate a bit on one of the questions that have puzzled quite a few people. It may have been in my wording...I suck at rhymes, lol. For question 12..... I may not have made it too clear the answer I am looking for. I think the blog in question is not too hard to figure out, the plane and republican bent should help give it away. The answer to the question lies in the second part. I want to know what award the two guys from cleveland that he links are vying for with their podcast. The title of their podcast is in the clue. Okay, that's all the extra bit of info you get for that question right now. I hope you are all having fun trying to figure out my silly rhymes, and checking out some kewl new blogs. You still have 9 days to get your answers in. Don't worry if you dont have them all right, no one is going to laugh at you. Give it a try, find what you can and send in your answers. All the questions are on the Blogger Quest page of the Gay Guru Website, so have fun, and enter soon.

How about a little "gay ghetto" update? I teased you a while back with the basic outlay of my fun little neighbors in a previous post, let's see what's going on in the neighborhood. You remember the house across the street, that the landlord is renting to the "newly out" guy? Recently divorced, very nice guy, average looking, and really enjoying his gay puberty, he has caused your friendly neighborhood Guru, loads of laughs these past two weeks. As I said, he is average looking, but very masculine and authoritarian, very "daddy-like", which I guess is his appeal. I have rarely seen someone so able to get the cute young boys to come and play. Here's what happened these last 10 days that highlights this guys play, (str8 family and friends, nothing x rated here, but you may wanna pop down to the next paragraph anyway, lol.) About 14 days ago, I see him at Big Papa's house, (my landlord, he has a great big front porch where all us gays seem to congregate throughout the day and evening, haha), and he is with his current young bf of the last month or so, chatting about the upcoming weekend camping trip. Four days later, I see him with a different boy, I ask about the camping trip, he says he didnt go and introduces me to his "new" boyfriend. Okay, a slight case of whiplash, but I adjust quickly and say hello, and they invite me out to play pool at the local gay bar that night. I tell him I will meet him there, but end up not being able to go. 3 days later, I see him getting out of his car, as I walk out my door, and yell over that I am sorry I didnt make it to play pool. Out of the passenger seat comes "boyfriend number 1" from the missed camping trip. "ummmm, errrr.." I stammer out as I say a meek "Hi". They remove groceries from the car as he tells me that "boyfriend number 1" is moving his stuff in with him tomorrow. The whiplash is worsening, but I still am able to get a grip on the current round of gay drama. 2 days later, again I see him getting out of his car, when what do my wondering eyes do observe...."boyfriend number 2" from the pool hall is back again and now HE is moving in. So this is where the story ends, as of today, 3 days later, "boyfriend number 2" is still in the picture, and I am making a chiropractor appointment on Monday, for this severe case of gay whiplash!! It took a lot of planning to get ONE play date at the casino this weekend and this guy has mad game that I never even thought of since I was in my early 20's..hahaha!! I will keep you updated on more of the drama, trials and tribulations of the Gay Ghetto, as I see fit, I dont want to alienate all my neighborfriends, lol, (most of them dont know about this blog, thank goodness, and Big Papa has been sworn to secrecy.) Good news in the 'ghetto, is that Big Papa has arranged for me to get Direct TV this weekend. I have been living off of the four local broadcast channels for the past 7 months, but all will be well again soon. Cable TV is included for a very small extra fee in my rent, but there was problems in December, now everything is Okey Dokey, and Satellite TV including the gay channel LOGO is coming this weekend, YEA!!!

Short and Sweet is the theme for this weekends posts. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, and enjoy a little Daily Eye Candy to set the mood for the weekend.



Casinos and landlords...quite the combination of topics. Hope your next visit to casino is way more profitable...

Rider up!



I would call the neighborhood drama "As the Lazy Susan Turns"!

The Gay Guru

thanx for the comments the name for the neighborhood soap brian, I think I may have to use that...Have a good week all...GG


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