Tuesday, July 11, 2006

%^$^%# BLOGGER UPDATES!! Sorry So Late, Thanx For Well Wishes, Blog Pictures Chosen For HERE TV!, Website Updates Already, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, sorry for yet another late post, this is going to be a crazy 4 more weeks, I can tell already. First I want to thank all of you for the comments and the wonderful emails about my dad. Papa Guru is doing much better today, his slurring is pretty much gone and he is talking a lot better. We are still not sure where the clot came from, so they have him in the hospital one more day to try to figure it out thru more tests, and his left arm looks like it will need rehabilitation, he is having problems getting a grip on anything, (sorta like me, LOL). But again, thanx for the warm wishes and he is on his way to a speedy recovery, I will be keeping you all posted.

I got some great news in an email last night!! It seem that HERE TV!, one of the gay television stations, (the other one is LOGO), is putting together a National Pride Blog, and would like to use the Gay Guru photo's from the blog for the Cleveland part. Isn't that exciting. Hopefully it will bring some new readers and blogger friends in to our little, ever growing family. You can click on the link to check out what it will look like when completed.

I cant believe it's time for another website update already, time is just flying out the window. This Saturday, July 16th, will be the next update, and my page editors Bruce and Mikey, each have a fantastic interview for the update. Also, Scott, the great writer and USC Trojan fan from Boi From Troi, has taken the challenge to offer counterpoint to the political page, "Leaning Left", on the website. He chose the topic if Arnold Shwarzenneger, Governor of California, if his veto of the "Marriage Equality Act", was a step forward or backwards in gay rights. I am looking forward to his side of the story. Here's the brief preview of Mikey's interview with Jeanne White Ginder, Ryan Whites mother, supporter, and HIV/AIDS activist:

Mikey: The Kokomo Tribune first printed Ryan's story March 3, 1985, who leaked it to the press?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Since Ryan's disease had to be reported to the CDC, they were able to put two and two together since Ryan was in the hospital . His teachers came to visit Ryan in the hospital right before Christmas. They brought flowers, gifts and cards when they came to see Ryan. They were asked to put on surgical gowns and mask. This was for Ryan's safety not theirs. They didn't go into see Ryan not understanding the HIV/AIDS virus. They were more of a threat to him then Ryan was to them. I thought they would know more about the virus then I did at that time.

Mikey: Do you feel that Ryan's legacy has been forgotten?

Jeanne White-Ginder: The older survivors now living with HIV/AIDS and the people who lived during that time period still remember Ryan. But the younger generation now a days don't even know Ryan's name. There is no one young, or old who is a role model for someone living with HIV/AIDS.

Mikey: Do you still keep in touch with Sir Elton John and Michael Jackson?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Michael called me this year to wish me a happy mother's day. With all the bad press Michael has received in this country, most people forget that he has a very gentle, kind, giving soul. As for Elton I have talked to him very little over the past couple years. He has been spending a lot of time in England with his partner. Andrea and I still get very decorative Christmas cards from him every year. When Elton visited Ryan, he always included Andrea in what he and Ryan were doing. He also brought her gifts like HardRock Cafe jackets from London and what not.

Be sure to check out the entire interview this Saturday at WWW.THEGAYGURU.NET. I will wrap this entry up since it's so late, but I caught a pic of scouts for that GINOURMOUS fly, who has his sites on my ice tea again, will post that tomorrow. And here's today daily Eye Candy, enjoy blogger friends and take care...GG


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