Thursday, July 27, 2006

Papa Guru on the Mend, Lance Bass (again, sorry), Come Be Friends With "The Gay Guru After Dark"

*****Update Update Update*****

I just wanted to let my blogger friends know, that in my blog perusing today, I came across a new blogger to me, who has been around quite a while, and happens to be a close friend of Lance Bass. He made an eloquent and excellent post today about that friendship, and reaction to all of the hoopla. That's what true friendship is all about blogger friends, sticking by friends in public and private, fighting each others battles for acceptance in whatever field we wish to pursue. I will now respect a media silence for Lance, (unless he ever wants to do a little Gay Guru 20 questions email interview, lol.) Rest in peace this weekend Lance, enjoy becoming a whole person to yourself, and take in the experience to live one less lie in our lives, as you are a truer person to yourself, and have a truly loving weekend, free from guilt or shame with your partner. Please go and check out Planetbaub, I know I will be for now on.....GG

Hey Blogger Friends!! My computer is down, so I am not sure when this post is going up. I am trying to write the post in notepad and cut and paste it into blogger when my connection is back up, or later today when I go visit Papa Guru. Update on Papa Guru is pretty good. He has had his voice back completely since he got home, and he is looking better and moving around more and more all the time. Unfortunately, there is still not much movement coming back to his left hand. The doctors have not given up hope yet, but until it gets better, and if it doesnt get better, he cant drive. It's not that bad, he is not really big on driving around just for the heck of it, usually just to the grocery, and some errands for pills, bills, and stuff like that there. Mama Guru, doesnt mind driving at all, but I am getting close to making them stay off the highway at night, lol. They are only in their upper 60's, but mom has that "mom hand", that reaches out and smacks you in the chest if you are in the passenger seat, and she has to put on the brakes faster than she thought. I have been on the recieving hand of that hand at night, where she is more cautious, and have the bruises on my chest to prove it, LOL. With this pic, did he really think it was a secret, LOL, luv ya Lance...

Lance fever is spreading like wildfire. On his MySpace page, (I know how gay, huh??...LMAO.), he has had so many comments wishing him well, it shut down the system, and even he cant look at them all. It was on Inside Access, Outside Edition, Entertainment Tomorrow, and every major entertainment show there is last night. I think until he gets his new tv show off the ground, the press will die down relatively quickly. They only jumped on the story after months of the gossip blogs posting about him. Maybe even the blogs will give him a break since it's now old news. I think Lance will come out of this fine, and it's great exposure to middle america and the young adults, visibility is the key to acceptance I believe. I hope many more big-name folks come out, so that eventually it will be a non issue. Also, I want to write about him a bit more so I can post another picture of him, (I know, knock it off, but he is sooooo dreamy.......=)

Though it hasnt officially launched yet, I invite you to come on over "The Gay Guru After Dark's", new MySpace page, and add yourself as a friend. I will be working on building the site up a bit more this weekend and launching it on August 1st. The blog is still way too early, I have a shell that I copied the format from here, and I need to tweak it a bit this weekend as well. A busy Guru is a happy Guru they say, or is that a busy Guru is going to go catatonic if he doesnt organize his priorities better? I always get those confused. Just a small little post today with a little Eye Candy for the cherry on top, tomorrow is Fabulous Friday, and the start of my weekend to get a lot of stuff done.....Enjoy blogger Friends....GG


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