Thursday, July 06, 2006

Late Posting, Sorry, Jeanne White Ginder, Daily Eye Candy

Evening Blogger Friends, sorry for such a wicked late post, already past 7pm and I am just getting home. This new 9 hour workday is killing me three days into it, LOL. I will adjust back to it soon. Just a couple quick things since it's running so late tonight and then of course, Eye Candy!! Well, it finally happened this morning, Ryan White's mother, Jeanne White Ginder, was able to do an interview for the Gay Guru website. Here's the deal, if you are over 30, I hope you know how much Ryan White and his mother changed the face of HIV/AIDS in the mid 80's. A 13yo hemophiliac who contracted HIV through an infected blood transfusion, died a short 6 years later, having created an Act of Congress, Acts of Bravery, and a tremendous soul. Ryan's mother Jeanne, was instrumental in keeping her son equal and fighting for everyone's cause, not just his. She continues this fine work today. I contacted Mrs White-Ginder, a few weeks back, after featuring Ryan on the website's HIV Awareness page, and asked her if she would consent to an email interview. I was overjoyed when she wrote me back a couple weeks later and said she wouldnt mind at all. I sent her another email telling her that I would email the questions whenever was convenient for her. It's been almost two weeks, when suddenly, I get an email yesterday, that she would be willing to do a PHONE interview today at 9am. WOW!! Of course, as my luck usually runs, I had my new training started and have to be there by 7am and cannot miss a day.

In comes Mikey, my HIV Awareness page editor, to the rescue. Mikey came up with interview questions, and filled in for me, AT 6AM IN THE MORNING CALIFORNIA TIME!! Now that's a trouper, Jeanne lives here on the East Coast and Mikey is on the West, out in Santa Cruz, California. I am so bummed I was not able to speak with Mrs White-Ginder in person, but so ever grateful to Mikey for stepping in and really going the extra mile this morning for me. He left a message on cloud 9 that he had finished the interview, and I called him on my break to see how it went. Mikey said she could not have been more gracious and spent over 45 minutes on the phone with him this morning. He came up with some excellent questions and got some fantastic and heartfelt answers from Jeanne, and he and I will both be sharing excerpts from the interview on Monday's blog, with the entire interview being posted on the website on the July 16th update. Thanx again Mikey for the great job, I cant wait to share this interview with you all readers and blogger friends, Ryan and Jeanne White are Icons to the HIV/AIDS awareness of the 80's, and finally got the str8 world to catch a glimpse of this disease without their prejudices.

I have more stuff to say, but am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon since this post is so late. I have a fun contest starting Monday, so be sure to check out the blog and website over the weekend for more information. And here we go onto the Daily Eye Candy....enjoy...........Scott



Congrats to you for landing the interview, GG, to you Mikey for coming through with flying colors (like I knew you would! :)), and thank you to Ryan's mom for continuing the fight. :)


Thanks for the Eye Candy!

Marco Valente

Haha it is quite funne we had the same eye candy on friday, lol! Keep well blogger friend...

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