Monday, July 24, 2006

MEME Mondays, Are Capricorns All Gay??, Gay Games Come to an End, Daily Eye Candy

Good Monday Afternoon Blogger Friends!! I hope you all starting the week off with a nice slow stretch to get you thru till Friday. I can't believe how lazy my weekend was, and I want to thank you all for putting up with such boring posts, lol. Sometimes I look back at what I write, and just realize what a goober I really am. Oh well, you love me or you dont, what more can a Gay Guru do? So I get back up at 5:45 this morning for week for of my 7 week training for my new position in my company, and what wonderful news comes to us in class? They are adding an extra week!! OMG, I have now cornered the market on early morning caffeinne, and gone thru two boxes of toothpicks to keep my eyes open in the morning the last 3 weeks, and now I have 5 more weeks instead of 4? You are gonna see one grumpy Guru by the time I get my big ass trained and not have to wake up anymore.

To go along with MEME Monday, I thought I would talk for a second about the zodiac. Do you all follow your charts, and horrorscope, and stuff like that there? I add the new horoscope to the website on each update, but I am just never sure if anyone ever reads those things or not. Me, not a big reader of them, but my local morning drive radio station I found out during these god-awful early mornings of training, actually gives out the daily horoscopes every morning at 6:35, and rates your day from 1 to 5 stars, (5 star day for me today baby, go Cap's.) The reason I bring up the zodiac and horrorscopes is pretty random, but is it just me or are there a heckuva lot of gay Capricorns? Is it something around our stars putting the rainbow mojo on us? It seems like most random profiles I seem to read, on MySpace,, or wherever, I see goat's a plenty. Is it because I am just tuned into my particular sign? Do you all see your zodiac sign on most profiles you look at, or are you seeing all Cap's like me as well? Most things I read about Capricorn's seem to be pretty true about myself, I guess. I think I am pretty in tune with my chinese zodiac sign as well, (the hare/rabbit, a lucky sign, and I am pretty lucky, mostly bad luck, but when good luck comes my way, it's usually just when I need it.) Anyway, as I said, I thought I was pretty Capricorn, but then I took the following test....60%...WTF? Anyone want to share 40% of your sign with me, I seem to be lacking. I am curious, how many of my readers are Capricorns? Am I really seeing Cap's all around me, like lil' kids see dead people, or is it a figment of my imagination? Go ahead and see how Capricorn you are in today's fun MEME.

You are 60% Capricorn

And For All You Other Signs Out There:

How Aquarias are you?

How Virgo are you?

How Cancer are you?

How Libra are you?

How Sagitarius are you?

How Gemini are you?

How Pisces are you?

How Leo are you?

How Aries are you?

How Taurus are you?

How Scorpio are you?

The Gay Games came to a close this past weekend, with cheers, and tears, and overall was a fantastic time for everyone there, says a friend of mine that got to go. Despite near record breaking heat, the games were relatively free of injury, or accident, or even drama for that matter. Montreal, who broke off and is sponsoring their own style gay olympics, Out Games, that are starting later in the week, after getting in a fight with the FGG who is the organizing body of the Games, thought that Chicago could never pull it off. In fact, Chicago raised more corporate sponsorships and money, than any previous Games, and will probably be the first time the organization has finished in the black. On stage, gay icon Cyndi Lauper headlined the closing show, along with Ari Gold, ANT, and singing duo Jason & deMarco. Lauper was dressed as a rainbow Statue of Liberty and performed some of her most memorable disco hits. "Stand proud! Stand together," she told the crowd launching into a medley that included "True Colors" and "Shine". In the stands, fans tossed around hundreds of rainbow-colored beach balls handed out as a promotion by the Illinois Lottery. The Federation of Gay Games Flag was slowly lowered and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley escorted it for the ceremonial transfer to an official from Cologne, Germany, the host city of the 2010 Gay Games.

And here is some Daily Eye Candy for y'all, enjoy everyone, ONE WEEK LEFT, to get in your "Blogger Quest" entries. $50 bucks of summer spending cash is up for grabs.....GG



I am a Virgo and took the test and was 27% Virgo. Guess I am a pretty lame virgo.

..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

LOL I am only 80% Cappy, but I was surprised I was that high!!


Just for kicks, I took the Capricorn test.

I am 73% Capricorn. Do you kno what's wrong with that? Well, I'm a Scorpio....

So I am more Capricorn that you are. How crazy is that?

Obviously a Capricorn didn't write that quiz, otherwise they would notice the typo's.

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