Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crazy Weather and Me, First Contest Entry, President Bush Veto's Expanding his Brain Cells, (I mean Stem Cells,), HOT Wings, Eye Candy

Howdy Blogger Friends!! Sorry for the late post, but I got home late from training today and we had a major thunderstorm this afternoon that took out my power and the internet here at the lil' ol' gay ghetto. Wow!! Lots of thunder and lightening, but I loved it, I love thunderstorms. Of Course I am weird that way. Being from California, I have experienced first hand, earthquakes, floods, a tsunami warning once when visiting Hawaii, Mudslides in Malibu, etc. So I have kinda freakishly been hoping, since my time here in the Midwest, to come across a really super powerful snowstorm, thunderstorm, or tornado. I have had some decent snow, but nothing I couldn't drive through yet. There have been some magnificent thunderstorms, but none as intense as I have been expecting yet. And with the exception of some lousy tornado warnings where nothing has happened, none of those yet either. Oh well, lol, I am still young, haha!!

OMG, I have recieved my first entry into my "Blogger Quest" contest. Remember, if you wanna little spending money this summer for something small and fun just for you, how about a chance to win $50 bucks at This person missed 3, so I have decided to change a contest rule, since I didn't think I would have an entry this early. If you have less than all 18 points possible, (15 questions, 2 with 2 answers, and the bonus point,) I will email you back and let you enter again. So you don't only get just one chance to enter, I will give you 2. It is still the person with the most correct answers as the winner, and in case of a tie, all those with the most correct answers, will be put into a hat and drawn for the top $50 dollar gift card prize. Good luck blogger friends, and lets see some more entries. Who couldn't use a couple cd's a new video game, a couple great books, or something else fun this summer?

I want to talk about or beloved President a bit, and his first veto of his time in office. Granted he still has a few more years, (unfortunately,) but his one little veto pales in comparison to Daddy Bush, Clinton, and Especially Ronald Reagan. The Teflon Prez had 70 something, Big Papa Bush had less than that, and Keep it Zipped clinton had only 37. So what does Bushie Jr. decide to use his first big, powerful veto power on? Stem cell research!! Yup, God forbid we take harvested embryo's who are pretty much getting ready to be dumped due to non-use within the required time period, and use them to, oh I dont know, maybe cure some diseases that are afflicting millions of americans or something. Duh, and by the way, according to Bushie and his friends in the Christian Right, God DOES forbid it, and so he is taking his moral high ground once again. The same high ground that is so high up there, you can't see down to the common man, who would like to legally marry another man, or the woman who wants to choose what happens to her body if raped, or just mentally unprepared to give a baby up after living with it for 9 months. Even Nancy Reagan, whose Ronnie the republicans often bow down to as one of the greatest Republicans that ever lived, is in support of this. The Speaker of the House is now for it, (after voting against it, bet that makes Kerry pissed!! Sorry, had to let that slide in). So anywho, Bushie Jr. wins his battle of the veto, and frozen eggs everywhere are safe for the time being.

Do you like Wings? Hmmmmm, I have never been a huge fan of them, but all of a sudden, I think they are going to become my new favorite food. Last night, Str8 Mate, Jay, and I went to the grand opening of the newest Quaker Steak and Lube Chain, here in NE Ohio. Quaker Steak is a scaled down version of think "Hard Rock Cafe". They are famous for their wings, and their bike nights, and classic cars and stuff. Anyway, I was there to try some of my two favorites of theirs, the Louisiana Lickers, and Golden Garlic. The wings were hot blogger friends, but far less than my hottie waiter that took care of us. Poor Jay, my outgoingness and flirtatious ways, has landed him in many an interesting situation. Luckily for him, there was a hot waitress taking care of the table next to ours with a "smoking ass", according to Jay, so it was all good, we both got something to enjoy besides the wings. This guy had the tousled hair of a surfer, (which usually turns me off, being I am from California where the real surfers are and the closest thing to surf here in NE Ohio is the high tide foot and a half waves at Lake Erie,) the tan olive skin of a greek god, the muscles of someone who probably goes to the gym, but the muscles are so flawless, they might just be natural, killer teeth with an awesome smile, and awesome calfs accentuated by his board shorts they are allowed to wear. DAMN!!! Now even though I am not really a shy person, and am quite flirty and outgoing, I could not summon up the nerve to snap him with my cell phone camera. A) My cell phone pics suck, and B) It could not be stealthy because the lighting would have required the flash on my cell. His name is Conrad, can you believe it, sounds like it just came off the page of a cheesy romance novel doesnt it? Anyway, I flirted enough that I am pretty sure next time I can just ask him if I can take a picture of him, and believe me, there WILL be a next time, lol.

Get ready for the weekend blogger friends, hope you all have a great one, will talk at you you didnt think I would forget your daily eye candy, did you?.........laterz..........GG




Yeah, good point on Bushy and his effed up veto. What a conservative loon. I so hate him for this very reason. His supposed religion and morals inspires him to make some real ridiculous decisions which really create a divisive America.



Wow, I am lovin that pic of the lightining!

Funny, I posted that time mag cover on my blog too! He he!

Did you check the new changes at my site? Let me know what you think GG!

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