Monday, July 17, 2006

Updated Post, Audio Post, MEME Monday, Eye Candy


Well I am back home, Jeremy and I got a lot done on our sites we are working on together, and should be able to launch one later this week, and one on the Sept 1st launch date as planned. If you have a second listen to the Audioblog at the end of this post, so I wont repeat too much here in print. A big THANK YOU to Best Gay Blogs for giving the Gay Guru a shout out today about my contest and the updated website. Unfortunately, the link they used was wrong, LOL, story of my life. Hopefully it will be fixed by tonight or tomorrow. Have you guys started going the the contest questions yet? What do you think of the contest? Is it fun enough? Is it too silly? Shoud I make it a regular thing every couple of months or so, so you can check out other new blogs I like?

For MEME Monday, not going to post much about me today...but will give you a fun MEME to play with at the end of the post, after the AudioBlurb and before the Eye Candy. You all have a great week blogger friends...I will talk to you tomorrow...GG

Hey blogger friends, Jay brought his laptop to Panera so I am able to put a title in this.....will add eye candy and post more when I get home later....GG

this is an audio post - click to play

You are most attracted to Luigi

The leaner of the brothers, Luigi always had it going on in the looks department. Although Mario often stole the spotlight, Luigi was clearly more talented. You would have him save you any day.

Take this quiz at

And here's today's Daily Eye Candy...Enjoy!!!!!!



Holy Crap.... the first one is GORGEOUS!!!


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