Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lot's O' Stuff, Lot's O' News, Lot's O' Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday once again blogger friends. I hope you all got to enjoy the 4th of July Holiday here in the US, and to my blogger friends in other countries, well, hope it was a good Tuesday, hope you have some kind of holiday where you get to have Hot Dogs, Hot Men, and Hot Firework Shows!! It's been a very busy week already here for the Gay Guru. As I told you, I am back in training for a new position for my company, and that means waking up at 5:45am mon-fri for the next 5 weeks, and I dont think I have seen 5:45am in like 6 months. Also, lots of Gay Guru stuff coming together; Jeanne White Ginder, Ryan White's mother is available for her interview this week and I am very excited about that, I have a new contest that I am starting this weekend that I think will be a lot of fun for you all, I am getting great feedback and emails about the website update and challenges for the political forums, and I am getting the finalized code back this week for the Celebrity Top or Bottom, and Political Heaven or Hell websites to go live and updated daily sometime this week, that will track who has voted for whom.

There was really a lot of news over the last few days when I short posted, so you might find these interesting: Pennsylvania Anti-Gay Amendment Dies HERE, Illinois Referendum Sputters HERE, Romney Biggest Contributor To S.C. Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign HERE, Police Raid Albuquerque Gay Bathhouse HERE, N. Ireland To Allow Adoption By Gay Couples HERE, Calif. Court Of Appeals Prepares To Hear Gay Marriage Case HERE, Arizona Anti-Gay Marriage Leader Dies In Crash HERE, and finally, AIDS Lecturer Charged With Fraud HERE.

I will make this another short post to make way for our regular Wednesday expanded Eye Candy selection. I hope you are all enjoying the daily eye candy, and a little sumthin, sumthin, extra here on Wednesdays. Take Care Blogger Friends.....GG



I totally forgot yesterday was the 4th of July (since it's my regular day off) so I missed the fireworks!! On the other hand, noticed a new bar in town owned by a very hot man with arms as big as my waist built like a truck. So um, I'll be checking that spot out a bit more often, so it was still a hot 4th! ;-)


You seemed to of posted thsi entry 3 times mr gay guru - did someone have too much to drink whilst celebrating last night? - tut tut! - lol

The Gay Guru

LOL, hopefully its fixed now, wish I could say it was because I really just liked the eye candy and thought it should be 3 times the fun, but it was #$@%^#@ Bloggers fault, it kept saying not posting, so I tried again, same thing, and when I finally looked...argggg!! Hopefully we are back to one now....=)GG


And good God Almighty.

I just went to the STARRFUCKER link ya got there and my jaw just dropped from all the gorgeous meat on there.

Jesus Marimba!

..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

OMG I am in lust!!!!


Hot pix!!
I hope you had a wonderful 4th!!


Hmmm, thinking a bit more than a tiger on pic #1, GG, more like a rhino? ;)


i love your website! i am a first time visitor and i am enjoyn pretty much everything so i linked to your blog and im loving everything as well, you guys are so witty and refreshing to read :) hey cheers to austria for allowing the first gay marriage (well sort of) but a step no matter how small is a step nonetheless. i love the last picture os channing tatum he is hot, i would have loved to see him as gambit in the last x-men movie but they took Gambit out of the script :(

-cheers, david

The Gay Guru

Thanx for all the comments blogger friends...

Leonard..keep me up on the new barman and let me know how big those umm arms really are..

Wat....glad you enjoy Starfukker too, he is actually the camerman for Randy Blue, how cool is his job eh??

Glad you liked the pics Marko and Ynager..and of course Lady L

David, welcome and thanks so much for the link...I will be checking you out tonight or tomorrow...hope to hear from you soon.

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