Friday, July 07, 2006

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Hey Blogger Friends, it's Fabulous Friday once again. Lot's to talk about today so I will get right into it with the Fab Finds for this week; First, in case you or someone you live with is afraid of the mean ol' monsters hiding under the bed, here is the Magnetic Floating Bed. The magnetically leviating bed is designed by the Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. The Dutch architect poured-in six long years to devise this amazing design and concept. The bed faces gravitation with magnets and it can carry magneetgebruik up to 900 kilos and is supported by four thin staalkabeltjes (that’s what the translated site say..). The scale model of the bed was presented at the Millionaire Fair in June 2006 and the floating bed is estimated to be priced around 115,000 euros for the scale model and for complete model expect to lay down around 1,200,000 euros. So, what if you always wanted to float in the air meditating, but have failed to do so…here is the smart alternative for you.
Also, for the computer geek that likes to travel, this passenger-jet-shaped mod modeled after a Boeing 737 is the second weekly winner in the case mod contest. The amazing jet-shaped mod designed by Brian Carter is powered by an AMD FX-55 processor and a GeForce 7800GT GPU. The artistic case mod took six long months to be completed and is lightweight enough to be set up against a wall, or hung up using a monitor wall-mount system. The center section holds the motherboard, the front nose houses the two hard drives, DVD/CD drive is hidden in the wing and the tail section is where the power supply is mounted. Also integrated into the wing is the keyboard and mouse receiver, and the Coolermaster Jet-7 CPU cooler is attached underneath and functions as an intake fan. Check-out lot more images of this fabulous Boeing 737 case mod and at ExtremeTech.

The only newspiece I am going to talk about today is the defeat of the New York Supreme Court challenge, that sent Gays Across New York State Protesting Ruling. It's not that I am overly surprised by the ruling, though I did have some sense of hope that New York would come through, it's more some of the wording in the ruling and the assanine assumptions made in the wording. The majority said the Legislature could rationally decide that, for the welfare of children, it is more important to promote stability, and to avoid instability, in opposite-sex than in same-sex relationships. "Heterosexual intercourse has a natural tendency to lead to the birth of children; homosexual intercourse does not," the ruling said. As you will see in the video below, I thought the exact same thing, the str8's can keep on having the children, and we will keep on raising the one's they dont want. The ruling also means an end to a challenge by New York couples to a Massachusetts law barring clerks from issuing marriage licenses to people whose weddings would be illegal in their home states. Here is one of eight videos featuring footage of the protest held in NY yesterday after the ruling. You can check all 8 out at the "Good As You" blogsite, HERE.

Before I bring on the daily Eye Candy, I have a request for my great blogger friends and readers out there in the blogosphere. Today is the 3 month anniversary of the Gay Guru, and I promised I was not going to celebrate every single month, but I have two requests, and if it makes you feel good by tying it into an anniversary present, all the better, LOL. Also, before this weekend is over, The Gay Guru will have hit our 25,000 page view, NOT including website and myspace visits, which for a guy like me who didnt really know what he wanted or what to expect out of this project for the GLBT community, (and still doesnt,) I am very happy and honored to meet all of my new blogger friends and readers, you have all touched my life, and hopefully each others with your comments and emails. Here are my two anniversary requests; one is for me, I am looking for someone who would like to sponsor me to be accepted into the Gay Blogads Program. I am finally hitting well over the 3,000 page views a week, that you need to be in the program, but I need someone who currently is running ads, to sponsor me. My second request is for my HIV Awareness page editor, Mikey. For a couple of weeks now, Mikeys computer has been broken down, and the tech doctors are about ready to call the time of death on it. With Mikey battling his HIV, with little or no insurance, what little money he makes at his job goes to doctors visits to cope with the disease, there is no money extra for repairs or a new 'puter. I am not making any money off of this website and blog yet, and unfortunately am not in the financial situation to help him out, or I would have sent it to him in a heartbeat. He does such great work on his blog and my webpage, getting the word out about HIV and AIDS, and putting a human touch to the story, to keep it in our hearts and minds, that the computer really is a lifeblood to him. If any of my readers or blogger friends out there has a computer you are not using, that is internet ready, and not an old clunker with problems of its own, or has money they are willing to spend on a Best Buy or Circuit City gift card to send, not for the entire computer, but whatever denomination you could afford for the gift card to send, I would be forever grateful to you all. If you are able to do this, email me here at The first one who emails with a gift card, I will let the rest of you know which kind so they are all for the same store, and if an offer for a computer comes in, I will let you know, so you can save your money. Thanx in advance if you can help out in either of these two areas.

And finally, on to a link to my favorite gay comic strip, "The Mighty Woofables", from my fellow blogger friend, and todays daily Eye Candy. Have a great weekend everyone....GG



Umm... how exactly does one get busy on that floating bed? I mean... some of us really rock the house (so to speak) when we "hit" it. Could you get the entire thing to swing back and forth in a heated moment? That could be terrifying... not to mention dangerous or sea-sickness inducing.
Oh forget it... Time for Eye-Candy :)

The Gay Guru

LMAO...thanx for that Tina, glad you said it first...have a great weekend blogger friend...GG


I was wondering the same thing...does the thing rock? Will it flip if you sit on the edge? Otherwise it seems really to find the sugar daddy to buy it for me :)


OMG I want that bed, how cool is that?

I'll take the joe boxer guy too, thnx! He he!


OH man i'm not very economically stable since i am a college student with a low paying job, but i will see what i can do when i get payed on the 14th and if i have any money i can put aside i will send, it's difficult but i can try and ill keep you updated :)


The Gay Guru

Awwww..thanx david, but please dont put yourself out, if you can do something great, but we are all hurting these days and dont want you to come up short, but if its truly extra, thank you...GG

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