Sunday, July 30, 2006

Running Ragged and a Late Post, Last 24 Hours of Blogger Quest, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, late Sunday post today, We all knew it was coming, and it has officially happened. No, another famous boy-bander has not come out of the closet, but yes, I am running myself ragged with too much on my plate. I am starting to mentally bog down from all the responsibilities I have going on with blogging, internet website building, training for work, and personal space. I can tell I have let you all down a bit because even though readership is going up a little each day, comments are getting down close to nothing. I could be wrong, but that says to me that I am just not staying interesting for you guys and gals, and for that I am sorry. I am going to take some time to breathe, and make sure I get my priorities in order and get tasks done that need to be taken care of for me and for you my blogger friends. You all should be one of my top priorities, and I feel I have been letting you all down a little bit. I appreciate you sticking by the Guru and keeping readership up, but I really want to hear from all my peeps out there and make sure all is well in the blogosphere. OF COURSE I WILL BE WRITING TO YOU ALL HERE EVERYDAY STILL!!! But I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks to get myself organized and deliver the content that a good Gay Guru should be giving out, Advice, Information, Commentary, and some Humor, with a little of the stuff going on in my life just for fun. So tough it out for me the next couple weeks and I will truly appreciate you even more than I already do. It may not be the most exciting stuff you have read, but hopefully Daily Eye Candy will make the stop worth it till I get back on track. YOU can all help out, by dropping a little note and tell me what you really like about the Gay Guru blog, and what you want to see more of. I am still going to launch the Gay Guru After Dark, but thats going to be a fun addendum to this blog, and not detract from it. Just a little something for the raunchy and pervy in all of us, and to tell about my oh so many stories here in the "Gay Ghetto". that I cant share on this blog.

We are down to the end of the "Blogger Quest" contest. Only about 24 hours left to go to get your entries in, and unless things change, we may have a solitary winner. I am hoping to get flooded with entries the next 24 hours and will see if we can make this a really exciting finish. Tuesday I will be letting you all know the answers to the challenge, and emailing the winner if one or the winners, if it's going to be a tie breaker. Wednesday, I will be announcing all of those that entered and how many you got right and either announcing the winner, or drawing the winner out of a hat, on video. Good news is I already have some blogger friends who have donated some prizes for the next contest. Any ideas on what kind of contest you want that to be? Another blogger quest? I want it to be something interactive with you all. Send any ideas to me at the email link above, I sure appreciate the ideas and may use yours for the next Gay Guru contest.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I am still in training until 3pm the next 4 weeks, so weekday blogposts will be around this time, 4-6pm. And here's our Daily Eye Candy.....Enjoy the upcoming week............GG



Hey, GG, I think summer just caught up with everyone and that's why comments are down...might be wrong...I'm still loving the site! And yowza, I'm loving Eye Candy again....sigh. ;)

Have to say that PRIDE Festival in San Diego was a bit of a bust today. Not sure what I was hoping for, but $12 to get in to basically look at vendor booths was silly (thankfully someone handed us a couple free passes as we neared the gate, so only one paid to get in). Yes, there was to be music, but the hours that we were there only had one good blues band, and one female acoustic act. Was basically a street fair that you paid for...bummer. There were some hotties in their undies pushing the Gay TV booth (sorry, should have gotten a pic for ya! ;)) and some delightfully delicious posters along the way, but all in all the three of us gave it a 3 out of 10 for the Festival. And apparently instead of the usual 100,000 or more at the parade yesterday, there were only 40,000 estimated. Wonder what the deal was (little bit of rain). Highlight was probably AFTER leaving the Festival and running across the mini-parade of women heading down the street with signs, chanting "We like dykes of any age"!...and that was free! ;) Speaking of, we were cracking up at some of the t-shirts for sale, "Tar-gay" and "DYKEA". Darn brain cells are failing me with the others. Oh well, here's hoping next year is better, although the vibe amongst everyone was very cool. :)

And DEFINITELY take care of yourself, GG...don't want you overdoing it and getting run down. Later, babe! :)

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