Sunday, July 23, 2006

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It's Short Post Sunday, Blogger Goodbye!! Haha, just kidding, sorta. I really dont have a lot to talk about today, I have really enjoyed my weekend, just getting my head back together, making some mental notes and actual lists for things that are still to come. I got my Direct TV installed yesterday, I am officially back from the television stoneage of broadcast tv. Now I instead of 4 channels with not much to watch in the summer, I have 527 channels with not much to watch in the summer, lol. Actually, I am loving having the LOGO network on my TV now. I have to admit, I have been out of the loop on Gay TV. I really couldnt comment much on the rise and fall of HERETV, the gay channel that was mostly pay per view, that came and went. And I honestly don't know much about LOGO. I am hoping it wont dissappoint me, I am just starting to check out the website now, and look at future programming schedules. A quick glance shows some good diversity, I am just hoping I dont see the exact same diversity next month, IE: the HBO tragedy of the same thing played 800 times a year. I am sure with such outlets, the creative gay forces that be are able to have loads of content, at least I hope so. If any of you watch anything regularly on LOGO that you think I should check out, please drop me an email or leave a commment. If I find anything that stands out to me, I will let you know about it.

So I have an idea in my head and I want to put it out there and see what some of you blogger friends think about it. Even though I am wicked busy, the brain keeps on churning, and I keep having ideas about things I would like to do. I have had an idea brewing in the back of my brain for a couple of weeks now, and I am thinking about testing the waters with it, but would like some of your imput. I really love being the Gay Guru, and although I am still not 100% sure what direction this blog, and accompanying website is going, it's an awesome ride. Of course the main purpose has been to give back a little to the community through advice, information, humor, and commmentary to all of our GLBT community AND our friends and families. I think I have been providing that, although there is still a LOT more work that needs to be done here. Overall, for less than 3 months of operation, from formation to here, I dont think I and all my friends who are helping, like Mikey, Bruce, and all of you my blogger friends, have done a bad job of getting started. Here is my thoughts though. As much as becoming the Gay Guru is very important and a big part of me, I still have more to me and my gayness, that is probably just not appropriate for this forum. It is more in the line for just the GLBT community, and not so much for our friends and families interest. I am talking about things like gay club life, the gay social scene, parties, relationships, sexuality, sex and even the gay porn world. Though I touch lightly on each of these subjects every once in a while, I dont really think that those topics belong on this "friends and family" oriented site. I believe I have enough life experience and such, to create daily content about the "other" side of gay life, things that I find interesting or sexy or whatever, but more of an adult gay lifestyle. What I am considering, is running a companion blog and possible website, tentatively titled: The Gay Guru - After Dark, that would be a forum for all of these other things. So what do you think about that blogger friends? I would really appreciate as much feedback as I could get from you all on this subject. Here are the three things going through my mind about it. A) Go for it, it would be fun, sexy, and spice things up a bit for my blogger friends out there. People would be interested in both sides of the Gay Guru world, and one would not affect the other. B) I really shouldn't get over my head and start another companion project yet, until I find my true voice for the original Gay Guru sites and can consider them both strong successes. Start the "After Dark" site further down the road. C) I will probably turn-off readership to the original Gay Guru and should not do the "After Dark" project. It would probably either offend or distance my current blogger friend readership, or it would attract all the attention away from the main idea of the Gay Guru in the first place and would just turn out to be the main focus of the readership. Well, here's where you come in blogger friends, give me your opinion on this quick poll. As I said, I would still appreciate personal feedback from you, and you can email me at the email link at the top of the right column, or leave comments here at the end of this post. Thanx for sharing your thoughts with me friends, vote your truth, there are no hard feelings here.

Should I create a companion Blog/Website, "After Dark"?

Yes! I think it would be fun and I would still read both Vote Here

No! Keep concentrating on this site for a while, get it right, THEN start it. Vote Here

No! You will probably lose interest and readership here, dont do it. Vote Here

Have a great week blogger friends, 8 more days left to get in your "Blogger Quest" answers, have you figured out what you want to spend your $50 bucks at on? Here is our Sunday Daily Eye Candy, I "pray" that I run into one of these two hotties in my travels today to Gay-Mart, and that great french store, tarjay, lol...GG


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