Sunday, July 02, 2006

Short Post Sunday, But I'm A Cheerleader, Daily Eye Candy

It's time for short post Sunday, blogger friends, as I get ready to hit Cleveland for Flex Open House, and theatre for the gay musical "Aint We Got Fun". I posted a funny, yet tasteless video earlier this morning for your enjoyment or groaning, whichever blows your hair back. I might possibly do a quick audio cast when I get to Cleveland over the cell phone, we'll see how the day progresses. If I do, unfortunately I cant provide titles for the audio clips and it will just show up on the blog saying "play me", or something silly like that till I can get back home and title it.

My random thought of the day, comes from the Michigan State controversy of banning the boys to be high school cheerleaders as they start the 2006/2007 school year. The resolution was drafted a couple years ago by the State Board of Education, and is set to be enacted this year.....or will it. It seems the ACLU has finally gotten wind of it, and has sent the Board a letter to "rethink" this policy, before the ACLU decides to bring a lawsuit against them. The ban allows the boys to cheer during school year activities (if the other school agree's), but does not let them compete in the "non-season" competitions, where most of the college scouts go to recruit for collegiate cheer scholarships. It seems to be a direct breach of the Title IX act of non-discrimination based on sex in the public schools, so we will see how this plays out. I dated a college cheerleader once, and I can tell you he was much more buff and hot than the school quarterback ever could hope to be!!! It takes some muscles to lift those girls high in the air and perform some of those acrobatic maneuvers. Anyway, thats my random thought for today, enjoy some guy cheer photo's and our new, ever popular, daily eye candy for today.............GG


..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::..

Lovin' the eye candy, keep up the great work!!!


Male cheerleaders have bodies like gymnasts...and that's all that needs to be said about THAT topic!

The Gay Guru

yea, am loving this daily eye candy myself, LOL, it's as much fun to go looking for it on the net, as posting it, and I am finding some great pics from blogger friends sites they have given me permission to dig thru, lol.....GG

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