Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hard Week, Extra Daily Eye Candy, Contest Coming Soon

So what's a Gay Guru to do, when he gets to his weekend, (trained today 7am-230 to make up for having the 4th off,) and he is exhausted from the new schedule of training for my new position at work and regular Guru stuff and personal friend and family commitments?? What else, more eye candy of course, you guys are soooo easy. I will even put a hottie up here first to tease you. LOL!!

Seriously, I dont have much to talk about today, I have a big project/contest I am working on for the blog, so I have that to work on today and tomorrow, and am just not in the mood to post today, I know, I know, cry me a river, eh?....Sorry, I hate to complain, I am sure a lot of you have a lot of crappy stuff to do this weekend also and worked hard all week. I will see if I can dig up a funny video to throw in here too just for the heck of it, and some bonus eye candy at the end. Since I am whining already, lol, if you havent checked out yesterdays blog, scroll down and see what I am asking for anniversary presents, I am such a beggar, sigh!! Starting Monday, I am also going to be adding some fun stories to the blog, a little inspiration, a little down home charm, and maybe something to think about every once in a while. The stories are all from one of my favorite writers, who is just a great observer of people and things. His name is Robert Fulghum, and if you havent heard of him, you are in for a treat. I am not sure how often I will be putting in some "Fulghumism's", but hopefully you will enjoy them. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, I am going to fire up the bbq and relax for a bit and get my head straight on all the things I need to get done before Monday......cya....GG


Ricardo, Lisbon

Well, I just thought I should cross the Atlantic and pay a visit. Hope you don't mind...
Short comments are often the best, and I've already read some by you which somehow impressed me. So thank you!
As a newcomer to the blog universe there's still a lot I have to learn. But I think I'll master it soon enough for you and others to be visiting me in Southern Europe. As a matter of fact, just «where the land ends and the sea begins», as our best-known poet - Camões - so well put it.
... And I'm bewildered by this pic just above the place for comments. Well, it's not the pic itself, it's more that face (nose, lips, chin,...) and that solar air...
Dear Lord, how can You be so immensely generous?...
Have a great weekend!

The Gay Guru

welcome Ricardo, you need to leave a link to your blog next time. Enjoy your weekend and hope to hear from you again...GG

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