Thursday, July 13, 2006

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It's 5:30 Thursday afternoon, do you know where your blog post is?? Well not if you are me dammit!! Went to go check on Papa Guru after work training this afternoon, (he sounds terrific, and looks good except the left arm that doesnt work too well is a little too red for my liking...gotta call Mama Guru in stealth mode later to see what's up with that,) and just got home with nothing much to say, lol. Some housekeeping, the contest is almost done and will be up this Sunday with the web update, it looks pretty fun if I do say so myself. I will NOT be going to the Gay Games next week, and though I am bummed, I want to thank all of you for the supporting emails and the few who were able to contribute to the cause. I am abiding by your wishes and sending it back or donating it to the Elton John Aids Foundation in our names. It actually turned out to be a good thing with this silly work training going on, I would have been a week behind everyone else and my supervisor wasnt really happy with me taking the time off anyway, so now I dont have to. I will definitely post all the news, pics and info I can find about the games here though, I do think these are important milestones and visibility moments for the world to see our GLBT community in an equal light.

I'm not going to go into the funny story/issue with one of my neighbors that I witnessed last night, but I will give you some background so you can understand it a bit better when I tell it in a few days probably. I live in the self proclaimed, "Gay Ghetto" of my city. (That's our name for it biatches, dont go mocking my lil' home sweet home, lol.) Basically, we are in one of the older and poorer neighborhoods in the city, but they were once the grand dame houses of yesterday. Huge, with 3 stories and basements, small but pristine lots, etc. Well these days, the houses have seen better days, but they still function pretty well. My landlord, whom I call "Big Papa", is in his mid 50's, chrome dome nicely shaved head, fairly good shape, and not bad looking for a man of his advanced years, (OMG, when he reads this I am toast.) He and his husband have lived in the area over 30 years, thru the awesome years, the scary years, and now back to the normal years. They live in one house and over the years, they have bought the two houses on either side of them, and a house across the street. Almost every house on our small block. They converted each house into separate apartments on each floor, except for the house across the street, and over the years, have had a wide variety of gays, queens, drags, twinks, daddy's, and everything in between living here at one time or another. You can imagine the wild times that went on in the late 70's and 80's, especially with the coke machine in one of the basements set to dispense beer, lol. I have been here over 3 years now and really enjoy my apartment and love to watch my landlords and neighbors, they are all funny and quirky in their own ways, including me. One of the houses burned down quite a while back, but there are still 3 houses standing they rent out. My neighbors consist of me, funkadelic Gay Guru who mostly keeps to myself, single, with the occasional trick invited over if they are good, lol. In the floors above me are actually a young str8 couple that go to the local university and their friend, a nice str8 girl who loves to cut it up with the gays. The floor above that just became vacant, a new tenant will move in soon, but used to house what I will call the "candle guy", you know the type, candles burning all over at all times, into the esoteric gay groove. Next door on the basement level is a young twink, cute, but too much time on his hands, with aspirations of being a gay porn star. Next door Main floor is a home health care nurse, ('nuff said), and a nice lady that works in one of the local bars bartending. In the two floors above that, lives a nice young guy that kinda lets the door swing both ways, but is usually too busy too hook up anyway with his work, a shame to let all those possibilities on both sides of the gender gap get away. On the other side of the landlords house, are two very good looking gay guys, living the gay lifestyle, bodies in shape, party hard when you can, and travel as much as possible, also in the health care business. Above them is a fantastic laid back guy, who has been around the gay block a bit and is very active in gay charities, causes, HIV and AIDS awareness. Across the street is a newly divorced recently out guy, decent looks, with a penchant for the young boys, who is just getting to live the gay puberty we all go through. Sound like enough fodder for lots of stories?? Heck yea, and I have a good one or two, but will leave it for another post.

Lots of words for no ideas for a post today, but lets break up the words with some hot Eye Candy of the Day. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, keep checking back for website update news, and contest info.....GG



Your neighborhood is a soap opera just waiting to happen, kiddo! And you're SUCH a tease, leaving us hanging like that...will anxiously await your next installment of _____________!(insert great name for your soap :))


Gay ghetto, love!

I have never been to a gay games event. I would love to see what it would be like, it sounds like so much fun!

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