Monday, October 23, 2006

It's MEME Monday Again, Any Thoughts on Upcoming VIdeos?, National Make a Difference Day, Laptops Anyone?, "Captured Cuties"

It's our first full week of being back to as normal as the Gay Guru can get, lol. We'll have a fun little MEME later, for MEME Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, all in all, mine was pretty good. So here's the deal, I was given a video camera over the weekend, and I am all tech'ed up and nowhere to go. I am not really sure what I should be taking videos of for you all blogger friends and readers. You have any ideas of what you would like to see? Should I keep em light and funny? Should I make them into video blogs? What would you all like to see? I will be looking for hints and suggestions in the comments and emails.......thanx in advance.

So have you all heard about "National Make a Difference Day"?? I have been involved in this project for quite a while, usually in a civic setting as an officer in the downtown business association for the city where I owned my restaurant. National Make a Difference Day is usually held on the 4th Saturday of October, and this year it falls on October 28th. It was created by "USA Magazine", as a day for people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors. Projects have been big and small and all it takes is to decide to do something on that day that will make a difference for someone else or a group. You can submit forms into USA Magazine to make sure your group is counted among the volunteers and participants, and they even give out awards for participation. As I said, as an officer in my local business association, we usually used the day to beautify the city, picking up trash, planting tree's/bushes/flowers, painting building sides or park benches, etc. This year, I am no longer owning my business and not on the association board anymore, so I am looking for a personal project to do. I have looked into my options of visiting some AIDS patients and bringing in books and games to spend a day with them, or to volunteer stuffing envelopes for my local HRC chapter for their next mailing, or going down to the local rescue mission and serving meals or helping clean there, whatever is needed. Are YOU free this Saturday to "Make a Difference?" Go by yourself, or get a group of friends together, and go out and make some sort of small difference in someone's or some organization's lives this Saturday. If you have never been a volunteer for a cause, you will be amazed on how good it makes you feel. Drop me a note and share what you are planning on doing, or what you did. I can see my best blogger friend SoCalMuchacha doing something at an animal shelter as we speak, (no pressure cutie, lol). Go out there blogger friends and readers and celebrate "Make a Difference Day" in your community.

So I was looking for fun little MEME's today and because the 'man of the moment' and I had ordered pizza last night, I thought this one would work. However I am surprised that I am that bland. A Cheese Pizza?? WTF. I am a works kinda pizza eater, but I guess my personality is more bland than I thought, lol. I do like what being a cheese pizza says about me though, so I can deal with it. So blogger friends and readers, what type of pizza are you?? I want you to put your thinking caps on for next Mondays MEME. I am going to ask you about your favorite books. You do read dont you, lol. With my no tv and internet over the past two weeks, I caught up on some reading and thought I would share some books with you next week.

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.

You focus on living a quality life.

You're not easily impressed with novelty.

Yet, you easily impress others.

WANTED: Any of you blogger friends or readers have a laptop you are not using anymore. Have you upgraded to a new one, or are planning on upgrading to a new one soon? The Gay Guru is looking for an cheap or free laptop to help me in my ever increasing cyberworld. I just cant afford one right now, and wonder if any of you have one just lying around collecting dust. If you have a laptop you are not using, or know someone who does, please tell them about me and I would gladly pay for shipping or a small price for one. Thanx again everyone!!

Our "Captured Cuties" off the web today, came from new MySpace friend tony, he definitely has an eye for all things hot and spicy. Enjoy your week blogger friends and readers..........GG


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