Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie, "Brothers and Sister" One of The Best New Shows on TV, In The News, "Captured Cuties"

Happy Halloweenie blogger friends and readers!! This is the Gay Guru flying in on my broomstick to wish you all a night of fun and cheer and mischief. Any fun and funky Halloweenie parties tonight, or did you all party out this past weekend? There was a big blow-out at the local gay bar on Saturday, and it was fun, but I seriously dont recommend halloweenie sex with a green M&M, when the make-up is still on. Let's just say we were a little too eager and by the time we were done, I looked like I was slimed, LOL. Tonight is gonna be low-key, non-costume, banding the lil ghouls and goblins of my friends together, for some mass trick or treating and then a relaxing night of scary movies, ouji boards, and games for the rest of the night. They are yelling at me now to get off the 'puter, but I had a few things to the post that was written mostly this morning, then saved, lol.

Hey, not related to Halloween at all, but I wanted to talk about this yesterday and forgot, then didnt have time. Have any of you seen the new Sunday night drama on ABC, "Brothers and Sisters?" If this show is not on your gaydar for quality programming, set the TIVO. It took over Grey's Anatomy's old timeslot and I have watched it from the beginnning. It has THE BEST fleshed out gay character I have seen on TV for a long, long time. The show has a fantastic ensemble that plays off each other very well. Sally Field is the Matriarch of the brothers and sisters of the Walker family. Calista Flockhart returns to tv, and gives just a glimpse into why Harrison Ford might be smitten with her. The family is full of pretty people and seasoned actors for a great combination of eye candy and great acting. It's both dramatic and very funny. As I said, it has one of the best fleshed out featured gay characters of any show I have seen in a long time. They are not played as cartoony, or stereotypical, at least so far, and it is a real pleasure to watch the storyline play out. Kevin Walker, played by dark curly haired Welsh import Mathew Rhys, is the family's peacemaker and wave smoother. He is a practicing lawyer for other clients and for the Walker Family, an out gay man, who know's most everyone else's secret's, but is still ever cautious in falling for another man. He meets Scottie, (love the name,) played by an actor I know, but now forget his name, (dammit), an even more out gay man, who is a cater-waiter by trade. I believe you can watch all of the episodes so far this season on ABC's website I linked above and do yourself a favor, AT LEAST WATCH THE LAST TWO EPISODES IN ORDER. A major gay storyline running thru both episodes and a guy on guy kiss in each one. Wow, we have come a long way since Ellen. The beginning of the romance for "Kevin and Scottie" are so true to life and heartfelt and poignant and funny, and I just cant say enough. I am going to feature this show on the next website update, but take me up on this, you wont regret it, go check out Brothers and Sisters on ABC.com.

Lot's of stuff In The News on this wicked lil Holiday........you know what, it was kinda gay, maybe some insensitivity training, but a suspension may be harsh, ESPN Announcer Suspended Over Gay Jibe; it always seems to be the one's who are supporting equal rights that are activists, not the loonies trying to squelch them, ,font color="green">Gay Legal Group Blasts Bush Attacks On Judges; of course we cant have unwanted children being placed in homes where people actually want them, that would just be wrong, Gay Adoption Highlight Of Fla. Gubernatorial Debate; Go Judy Go, Go Judy Go, Matthew Shepard's Mom Rallies Youth Vote; why is it always one step forward, two steps back?, Gay Marriage Ban Vote Looms In Mass; and finally, it's down to the wire people, lets get out the vote on these things, Both Sides In Colorado Gay Battle Get Support From NJ Ruling.

Carve your own pumpkin at pYzam.com!

Carve your own pumpkin at pYzam.com!

Okay all you boys and ghouls, enjoy the night, dont eat too much candy, and talk to you soon. Here's a little halloweenie "captured cuties" action from blogger buddy Robguy over at his daily blog. Trick or Treat everyone.........GG


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