Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Going Crazy But Still Here, National Coming Out Day, Gay Guru Calendar For A Cause, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! Thanx for stopping by, I am officially going crazy without my internet connection. Isn't it amazing how addicted we get to technology and cannot fathom how it was just 10 years earlier. Can you imagine that 10 years ago, very few of us were using cell phones, the Internet was just starting to become popular, high def TV meant that you actually dusted the screen off, and razors came with two blades if you were lucky not to perform facial hairy-cary, lol. The landlords have moved out of their house, it now sits empty and none of us renters have gotten any letter or anything from the new management company. God forbid a pipe bursts in the middle of the night or there is a fire. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?? I am extremely frustrated with not knowing the apartment status, to not having all of my bookmarks here at Mama Guru's computer and not being able to check all the sites I love to read and use for daily blogging. It's driving me up a tree.

I will definitely find a way to post "HUMP"day Wednesday tomorrow with expanded eye candy, but it may be a late post after work, just before midnight or something. What I am real disappointed about is not being able to blog at a reasonable time tomorrow about National Coming Out Day! The theme this year is, "Talk About It," and includes celebrities such as Pink, and more showing their support by holding up a sign, saying 'talk about it'. I am going to find a way to get a sign up on this blog tomorrow, and I hope you all do on your own blogs as well. Fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike, should use tomorrow to either come out to a friend or co-worker, or if you are already pretty much out, 'talk about it', with your friends telling them what it means to you to be able to talk to them freely about you and your lifestyle, and how you appreciate them and are really hurt by those who you cannot be open to without fear of rejection or danger. Spend "HUMP"day tomorrow blogger friends talking about your sexuality with someone, not to shock or surprise, but to provide understanding and support.

For those that are still interested in the Gay Guru Calendar For A Cause, I am looking for submissions to start the ball rolling. I am so angry that I cannot upload the website page changes from here yet. I need to put the website building program and the site itself on a disk and bring it here to Mama Guru's to upload, and I will hopefully be able to do that this Thursday. So take or be ready to send in your photo that you think will put you on a month for the Calendar For A Cause, to benefit AIDS, and you will get that information shortly. By the way, after talking to the proceeds participants at Elibeth Glasiers, and the Ohio Aids project, they are requesting if I do 2 calendars to not include any XX pics, I can do one calendar with G - PG pics and one with PG13 - R pics, but no X rated pics, which actually makes more sense for the charities to be affiliated with.

Sorry for the short posts, but until I get this Internet situation fixed, will probably be like this until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Todays eye candy comes from blogger friend Leonard, at the Wonderful World of Leonard, who is hopefully enjoying getting back to California life......Enjoy...........GG


Marco Valente

National coming out day thats pretty cool! But like how do the bible basher republican ppl deal with that in the USA. Im sure must really protest it?


Slow down there partner! Yes, we are addicted to our techonology now aren't we? EEK!

National Coming Out Day is tomorrow now huh? Wow. Only some people left at work to tell, but I dunno man.

I dunno.


I found some of your ideas very exciting. And maybe you want to have a gay friend? And where are U here?


Happy 6 months and I hope you get the living situation resolved, soon :)

The Gay Guru

Hey guys, thanx for all the comments, hope your Natl Coming Out Day was inspirational for you, still waiting to get my Internet back, so will be doing every other day blogs until next week. Thanx for all the encouragement and emails...GG

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