Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3rd and Final Post For the Day, Where Do We Go From Here, Jacob and Joshua; Nemesis Rising, In The News, "Calendar For A Cause"

Back again blogger friends. Can you tell I am excited about my new Internet connection. I have broken down a very long post into two short and now one long post, lol. So here are my thoughts on this forced break from blogging; I have been at this for 6 months now, what is my direction and what are my goals? Readership has been increasing but v e r y s l o w l y, and what can I do to increase readership, yet not just fill this blog with puff pieces and filler? How is the overall look of the blog and is this the aesthetics that I want to present or is there something different or more I want to offer? I have a very faithful core of readers who regularly leave emails and sometimes leave comments, but the comments are very sporadic, if and when used. Is lack of comments due to lack of time by my readership and blogger friends, or that the posts are simply not comment-worthy, not that they are bad, but just not really neccesary to be commented on, or thought provoking? I started out reading LOTS of blogs and commenting regularly on those myself, and now I rarely comment on others anymore. How can I prioritize my time to give others the feedback to their blogs that I am hoping for in mine? When I started the blog and website, the website was a major component, and because I was hoping for an update, and also just too busy to do both, I let the website slide. Is the website still relevant and how can I assure that it is updated the way I feel it needs to be. This is obviously a labor of love, but I also need to make a living and arrange other outside priorities around this blog. How much of my life should be dedicated to keeping this blog and the website up and running, and how can I monetarily make it work so I can spend a little less time at work and concentrate more on this site that I love. That my blogger friends and readers, is what I have been thinking about the last week and a half. I have been pondering it all intensely, and I have some answers for some of it, and still thinking and considering options on other parts of it. Here is a good time for some comments and emails from you all on what your thoughts are on this blog and website. Any tips, suggestions, comments or constructive criticisms?? Anyone have time and energy to donate to the cause that is The Gay Guru and get some stuff up and going with me in partnership? Of course since we are still in the starting stages and infancy really, that means no pay and probably not a lot of recognition except from me and the responses from readers and blogger friends you help elicit. I am looking forward to sharing with you new ideas, and hearing and starting ideas that you have suggested or have offered to help with.

As I said, I still dont have cable or satellite television yet, so I missed the premiere 2 days ago of LOGO Televisions new reality series, "Nemisis Rising". I have posted about it before, a singing duo made up of identical twins, who are gay, and trying to get their recording career to the next level. Well, I just caught the first episode on and have to say that it is going to be an interesting show. I recommend you all take a second to go check it out. First, there is no question about the talent of the boys, as a famous gay plumber once said, "Dem boys have pretty pipes!" (What??, third post, i am getting giddy, lol) I think if they are marketed correctly, they have a chance for some nice sales of their music. As for the drama the show brings, I believe it is a good mix of seriousness and the banal. The coming out to their parents issue, is very real and raw and is important to be seen by a national, albeit cable/satellite audience. I also think it will be a nice glimpse into the music business or just an expose on what it takes to be famous these days. Is the gay marketing a hook, or refreshing honesty? After 4 years languishing locally in Nashville, do they have what it takes to go national? Are you able to keep a boyfriend of 6 years once your fame starts rising? I think I will keep my eye on this show and keep you posted on anything I find fun or relevant. Good luck Jacob and Joshua, and even Nick, hope Nemesis can continue to rise for you both, and Nick can keep you both grounded.

I haven't linked to some good "In The News" for a while, and I wanted to start out with this story. Studds' Husband Denied Congressional Pension. Now I write with compassion for Dean Hara, whose life has had to have been dripping with irony and sadness these past couple of weeks. First the Republicans are using his husbands 30 year old indiscretion in Congress, (which I am by NO means dismissing as frivilous,) to push off some of the Mark Foley stink, and then his husband, Gerry Studds passes away from a blood clot in his lung. Now, rubbing salt in the wounds, Hara is being denied spousal survivors benefits from Studd's House Pension Fund, because they were gay and DOMA, another law that Clinton never should have signed, disqualifies him. Never mind that Hara and Studd's were in a long term relationship, and were LEGALLY married in the State of Massachussett's, DOMA will deny him the benefits any female spouse would have recieved. To put it in perspective, Congressman Bob Ney, from my state of exile here in Ohio, has just pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy charges WILL STILL BE ABLE to collect his congressional pension of about $29,000 a year for life, INCLUDING, while he is in prison. Also in the news.......taking experimental research for the team, AIDS Activist Jeff Getty Dies; this from a presidential candidate hopeful and Governor of the only state where Gay Marriage is legal and is proving it does not bring down society, Gay Marriage 'Threat To Religious Freedom'; reminding us to keep ever vigil that Mathew Sheppards life was not in vain, FBI: Gays Third Largest Hate Crimes Victim Group; come on, you dont see me refusing to train Republicans in my classes because they are an affront to my religious freedom do you, Driver Wins Right To Refuse Work On Bus With Gay Ads; and finally, more glimmers of hope in the upcoming elections, Defeat Of Virginia Amendment Depends On Voter Knowledge.

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I am going to try tomorrow, to get the updated website online and to see if there is still time to launch the Gay Guru's Calendar For A Cause. It was pushing it as it was, trying to launch the calendar project two weeks ago, but when the apartment thing blew up my internet plans, I am not sure if it is recoverable. It is all up to YOU my blogger friends and readers. If YOU decide to submit your photo's for the contest and cause to raise money for AIDS, and if YOU merchant friends come forth with some kewl prizes to give the entrants, we might be able to pull this off. I will give it a huge push from now until November 1st and let you know then if it is possible or not. Last post of today blogger friends, thanx again for being there for me in my weeks of need, lets get up, dust ourselves off, and try to get at it again full steam ahead............Enjoy.............GG

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I have a visual of you sitting in some yoga position contemplating the meaning of blogging over the last week and a half. Nice visual. :) I think many folks just don't realize how important/nice it is to get feedback on something you put your time into. When I blogged for a bit it took not only creative energy, but time to find other sites, put in links, add pics, while keeping fingers crossed that whatever blog format you used ACTUALLY WORKED and doesn't instead send all you created off into cyberland, never to be seen again! I'm sure for every person who does email you or leave a comment, then are tons more that appreciate your work, kiddo. I know that my comments have been sporadic because the teaching credential courses were kicking me in the butt. But I'm on break now, so watch out! ;) If there's anything I can do to help ya, let me know. :)

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