Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, In The News, Captured Cuties

It's "HUMP"day Wednesday blogger friends, and I still dont have enough "Original Sin" pictures to post yet. Get your shy self on the receiving end of a camera flash and start sending in those self pics!! It's half-way thru the week, and I still dont have a thing to wear for Halloween. There is a big costume party at the local gay bar this Saturday, and some friends and I are in a costume funk. Every idea we come up with seems either boring or so yesterday, lol. I dont dress to impress at these things, I just dont want to be the only one wearing a sweater and chino's while everyone else is dracula, a roll of charmin, or something equally silly and fun. So what's your thoughts blogger friends? How about sending me in pics of you in your Halloween costumes next week for Original Sin? And how about sending me in some ideas now on what a cute but chubby Guru should be wearing this year, haha.

Here's what's interesting to me In The News...........we may find out today if Atlantic City and New Jersey will have the next drive thru chapels for gay weddings, Vegas is jealous, lol, Positive NJ Ruling Would Open Door To Gay Couples Nationwide; The Christian Right is at it again, but Walmart? we have to wear dark glasses and a hat to shop in their anyway, if they really want to hurt us gays, boycott Crate and Barrel or William Sonoma, lol, AFA: Avoid Gay Friendly Wal-Mart; the nerd with the big wallet is out helping again, THANK YOU, Gates Fund To Help Indian Health Authorities; selective memory is a beautiful thing if you are a Congressman, let's hope his constiuents forget to vote, Hastert Testifies At Pageboy Probe; Governor Arnold could learn a few things from this man, Virginia Governor Speaks Out About Anti-Gay Amendment; of course the school board doesnt look at it as a hate crime, maybe just a seriously dislike crime, jeeesh, Police Probe Gay Bashing At HS Football Game; and finally, there's nothing worse than holes in condoms, GAO Pokes Holes In Bush Condom Advice.

Oh, and actually one more thing, not really "newsy" but I thought it was interesting. Some magazine called "Old Trout", has put out a list of the 13 Scariest Americans, just in time for Halloween. I read thru the article and some of the people featured were quite amazing in their zealousness to keep other Americans down. In case you want to read over the piece, you can go HERE.

And with a short post today, it brings us to "Captured Cuties" on this "HUMP"day Wednesday, with hot pics found over at the Pretty Boys Club. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week...........GG


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