Thursday, October 19, 2006

John Cameron Mitchell's Short Bus, In The News

Wooo-Hooo able to post 2 days in a row from my bedroom, you gotta love that, lol. So thanx for all of the welcome back emails I got yesterday, and SoCalMuchacha, dont think I wont be using your wisdom for some things if you have a little downtime. Unforuntately, I do some of my best work with str8 women, LMAO. So have you been hearing all the hype about John Cameron Mitchell's new movie, "Short Bus"?? I am not sure where you are going to be able to find this movie in your friendly neighborhood Blockbuster or Family Video, except for behind the naughty curtain. It has frank and graphic nudity and looks amazing. Mitchell is truly a unique and unafraid filmaker and actor with a keen eye for observation and story telling. If you havent seen "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," what the heck have you been waiting for? Here is a trailer for the new movie, courtesy of IFC, enjoy.

Interesting to me In The News today............I still don't buy the alcoholic thing, but at least Mark Foley has some collaboration, Report: Priest Admits Relationship With Foley; be carefuly you dont get whiplash from this story where he nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Wednesday that they are developing new guidelines for ministry to gays, reaffirming church opposition to same-gender marriage and adoption by the couples, while condemning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, Bishops Consider New Regulations On Dealings With Gays; a big thank-you for trying to help, Good Samaritan Knifed Trying To Stop Gay Attack; and finally, in another step forward, Clinical Trial Of HIV/AIDS Vaccine Gains Backing.

More to come later today, including some Captured Cuties!! Enjoy the day..GG



I saw it tonight here in Sacramento!! LOVED IT! Ok the's graphic but you forget about it as you get to know the characters. And honestly, that's real acting, it's one thing to pretend to be "doing it" and looking like you want that person...and actually doing it and looking like you want that person. It's a great film, I'm sure there may be one character you can identify with...or two or three...well worth it. ;-) peace

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