Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Papa Guru, A Note To My MySpace Friends, "Captured Cuties"

WOW, 3 posts yesterday and 2 today, you can tell I missed my online blogger friends and readers eh? Actually, I got interrupted today by a couple of things. First it's Papa Guru's birthday today, Happy Pirthday Pops!! I went out this morning and hung out with him and mama guru and gave him his card and presents and it was all good. Then I went out with my best friend Jay for a while as we discuss our project that is finally getting off the ground very soon. So I am putting out an open call to all of you web and blog building Guru's out there, the Gay Guru needs help!!! I have been waiting now for about 2 and a half months for my website update from one friend, but it looks like that may never happen, he is just too busy and has not set enough time aside for it. I also have some update plans for this blog that I need help with. These first 6 months of this blog and website was all me all the time. I did all the website design, as sucky as it is, and blog design, ditto. Now I am ready to move on to the next step, yet I am a poor Guru with not really any funds to support paying someone for the help, just for the regular hosting and bandwith that I use now. Anyone feel like taking on a charity case like me? I have some ideas of what I would like to see done, and just dont know how to do it. I tried to teach myself PSP and MySQL and just havent figured it out yet. If you wanna be in on the next phase of the Gay Guru daily blog and website, please email me here at

Happy Birthday Papa Guru

I need to take a couple moments to address all the Gay Guru MySpace friends out there. For the past month or so, my account has been all messed up. I can get your messages and comments and friend add requests, but I cannot reply back to you, it just shows up blank, like I never wrote anything. It has been frustrating the heck out of me and I have been in touch with MySpace tech support twice, and they cant figure it out, why it is not working. If you have been adding me as a friend, or sending me messages, and it seems like I am ignoring you, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!! The MySpace team is looking into it one final time. If it is not resolved by tomorrow, I am going to have to create a new account. All of you that subscribe to the daily blog, I have wanted to send you all special messages and comments, but they are just not working. I appreciate your readership, and I hope you will come on over to the new site and subscribe again if it comes to that. I have amassed over 1,940 MySpace friends, and have had over 37,000 people visit my MySpace page. I want to thank all of your for your support and emails and if I need to create a new page, I hope you all will follow me over there.

So you all read yesterday?? You know I am not calling it Eye Candy anymore right?? Well today I am featuring some "Captured Cuties." Since the Eye Candy phrase is soooo overused at most blogs and websites, I am going to call it like it is. Most eye candy is taken from other hot sites and blogs that we enjoy and 'capture' the pics from. So I have started "Captured Cuties," to let you know that it is in fact found on someone elses site, but I found it interesting, or hot, or whatever and wanted to share some it with you. I hold no copyrights to anything under "Captured Cuties," so if you own the copyright and want it removed, send me an email and it will come down immediately. I WILL try to credit it to at least the site that I found it on. You will also see, what I hope will be a more regular feature here in the daily eye candy spot, that I am calling "Original Sin." These will be original content that I received from blogger friends and readers directly that are pictures of them that they are willing to share. Anyone interested in being featured one day in "Original Sin," please email me your pics along with a quick okay for me to use them on the Gay Guru sites. Tomorrow will be our first ever "Original Sin" pictures. For today, enjoy a new take on "Captured Cuties." Video cuties that I found on You Tube. The titles of the vids on You Tube said these hot boys flexing for you are from "Guys With Cams." Enjoy blogger friends....the weekend starts tomorrow....GG


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