Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gay Guru Website Update, Send Your Pictures In For "Original Sin", In The News, Halloweenie, "Captured Cuties"

Welcome to the weekend blogger friends. Hope you are all having a great one. Now that Internet and gas is back on at the apartment, as long as I dont get evicted when rent comes due next week, all should be terrific. Judging by my inbox and emails, it seems you like that the website got updated and liked even more the new feature "Original Sin" with hot pics of my blogger friend Tim. Let's start with the website. I felt accomplished that I at least put some new content up for you since it has been neglected for so long. I really thought the new web design would be up and running by then, but I should have figured. Redesigning a website is a little like remodeling a house and we all have heard those horror stories about time and budget delays. The reviews up on the Media Review page, were unfortunately, special correspondent Bruce, from Senseless blog's, last reviews for a while. He too has had his life kicked into high gear lately and between his new work commitments, his husband and life in general, he has barely been able to find time to write in his own blog, let alone commiting to these site updates. I wanna thank Bruce for the great media reviews these past few updates, he has a real eye for new and emerging talent and oldies we may not have heard of. If any of you think you have what it takes to replace Bruce and be the new Gay Guru Media Review Correspondent, drop me an email up at the top right link. I was told by my designer to hopefully have the new site up by the end of October. I will believe it when I see it...(no offense babe). As always, I am looking for those who want to contribute to the Gay Guru website. If you are a writer or artist, or have something that you think would be great to be included in future website updates, drop me an email. The website should soon be back to a twice a month update schedule, and I would love for people to help write about health/fitness, grooming/fashion, food/drink, gardening, interior design, travel, original cartoons, or any other topic you think would be appropriate for the Gay Gur website. I am always open to new writers and ideas.

As for the new feature, Original Sin, I really want to thank blogger friend Tim in Akron, Ohio for sending in his self pictures. The goal of Original Sin, is to feature guys from around the world that are recent, fresh and new of yourself and/or your friends. They can be rated G, PG, PG13, or R, just suitable for an adult, but gay and straight friendly audience. I can be as discreet, or as out there as you want in identifying the photo's. If you want to use an alias name, if you want your name ommitted, if you want your town or state listed or not, or if you want me to shout it all from the rooftops and hopefully send you some new blogger friends, just let me know. All you have to do is send 2 or more photo's of yourself or you and your friends, to In the subject of the email just write "Original Sin." All pictures sent, you have to be the copyright holder of. I would like you to write a quick sentence at the top of your email before you attach your pictures saying, "I hold the copyright to these pictures and give the Gay Guru permission to use them on his blog" Hope I get some people interested in this, it should be fun. Until I get people I will still be offering "Captured Cuties", pics of guys I like, that I have found around the net and captured them for your viewing pleasure.

In The News today............let's back the bus up, Bus Company Admits Mistake On Gay Ad Dispute; g'day mate, at least you are on a walkabout in the right direction, Report: Australian PM To Ease Restrictions On Gay Couples; it's looking better and better to keep the gay marriage laws up North, Support For Canada's Conservatives Deteriorating; and finally, the Turk's are trying to bring a happy Thanksgiving overseas, N. Cyprus To Abolish Sodomy Law.

I want to thank fellow MEGA blogger Perez Hilton, who I read daily for my daily gossip, for pointing me towards Pink's new video for her single, "Nobody Knows." I have been a huge Pink fan like forever, and she just gets better. She has the crystal clarity of Christina Aguillera's voice, but with the style, toughness and boldness that is all her own.....if you havent seen it...check it out!

This is the last weekend to pick out the PERFECT Halloween outfit, are you getting yours? Now I know there is still next weekend before the holiday actually hits, but please, any gay with an ounce of sense know you will be stuck being a hobo or something else trashy with all the slim pickin's that will be left by next weekend. As it is now, all the good stuff is planned and taken. But we are queer, we have that lil something extra in our genes to pull out a winning outfit if you plan it out and get it together this weekend. Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas, and that's just around the corner as well, and THATS a scary thought.

Todays "Captured Cuties", were found over at blogger friends, "A Gay Athlete's Life, and of course are mighty yummy. That second picture gives a whole new meaning to liking to break open a 6 pack eh? Hope you enjoy your soon...GG



I will have to send in my pix, fun!
I still have no idea what Im going to be for Halloween. My friends want me to drag...AGAIN! LOL!

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