Saturday, October 28, 2006

VERY Late post, stealing from blogger friend and favorite gay blog Jeremy at StarrF*cker

Hey Blogger friends, its about as close to Sunday as a saturday post can get, and the time is even moving back an hour later. Sorry about the late post, but I had to work all day and have been busy all night. I am going to sooooooo totally cheat on this post and just copy one of my favorite blogger friends, and hot porn cameraman extraordiannaire.....Jeremy over at Starrf*cker is pretty much for the gay audience only, sorry all our str8 blogger friends and relatives. He posted this hot video from YouTube today about these sexy twins and I was mesmorized. IF ANYBODY COULD TRANSLATE THE INTERVIEW AT THE END OF THE VIDEO I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL, I DONT KNOW IF THAT IS GERMAN, SWEDISH, DUTCH, FRENCH, OR WHAT, BUT I WANT TO HEAR THE INTERVIEWERS QUESTIONS AND THOSE HOT BOYS ANSWERS!! Hope you all have a great weekend, I will have a post at a more reasonable time tomorrow, at least before 8pm, LOL. Take care and talk soon..............GG

and why stop there at hot twins, here's another mini video.........enjoy


Onda Maris

Well the Caesar Twins is an artist couple (really twins) here to be seen in a talkshow on german tv. they live in berlin (since 6 years), perform quite often here - really worth seeing :-) They are of polish origin, named pierre and
(and they say they have fans both men and women, well I only know male fans). In the interview they also speak critically about these other two polish twins (named lech and jaroslaw) ...
a must to be seen whenever you come to berlin

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