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Super "HUMP"day Wednesday, LOST in Television, Heroes Needs To Show Some Power, In The News, Gay Army TV, "Super" Eye Candy

Hallelujah It's "HUMP"day blogger friends!! Have way thru the week, and a busy week it has been. Thanx for all the great comments on yesterdays post about the Gay Guru Calendar For A Cause, I am looking forward to getting this project off the ground in the next couple of days. I hope you all want to enter this calendar contest, because inner beauty counts as much as outer beauty, (but who are we kidding, as a chubby Guru, I know as well as you, inner beauty PLUS outer beauty, usually wins, lol). So is anyone as excited as I am about the premiere of season 3 tonight of LOST!!! I am so leaving work early this evening to be able to watch it, (I know, still no TIVO or VCR, I am such a loser, haha). For those of you living under a rock, LOST is about a group of survivors from a plane crash on this mysterious island. We kinda learned at the end of last season that an "accident" caused the plane to crash there, but we are still left with the weirdness that most of these people have interacted in some wild ways before getting aboard this plane. This season the "Others" will be featured much more prominently, and I hope they get some 'flashback stories', as the main characters have gotten. Can't you just die, waiting for Henry Gale's backstory to be shown, (crossing fingers, toes and other body extremities.) I have to admit, that last years show was not nearly as engrossing or exciting as the premiere season, thus accounting for being virtually shut out of the emmy's this year. However, I think the writers are out to prove themselves worthy again this season, just as Desparate Housewives is MUCH better so far this year than last. Here is my first first glimpse into knowing what the Gay Guru truly looks like, I am sooooo Hurley without the long hair, that we could be brothers. We have the same build, (Yikes, I know, told you I was a chubby Guru,), the same outlook on life, the same kind heart, and the same problems in dating, (no, mine dont get shot by a fellow guru, but I have issues of believing people love me for who I am, and what I look like, oh and I have never felt the need to spend time in a sanitarium as well, even though I have friends who may recommend it, LOL). Anyway, I am really looking forward to tonights premiere, and will probably stick around for that "THE NINE" show afterwards, just because it has an interesting premise and Scott Wolf, who is the sane Tom Cruise.

Speaking about TV, am I right in assuming that a big majority of the GLBT males, have a thing for super heroes?? I mean, not sexually, (per se,) but I mean we seem to be attracted to comic books, their hero's, the movies that are created from them, (XMEN, Spiderman, Batman, et. al.). Maybe it's just me being a geek and a lot of you are not attracted to the genre. Because, I am, I was madly anticipating this season's much hyped NBC show "Heroes". The media build up was quite exciting, real life, (as opposed to animated,) characters in todays real world that have seemingly begun to develop some sort of Superhuman powers like; Flying, Teleportation, Invincibility, Mind Reading, Seeing Into The Future, etc. Plus it has the bonus of featuring Milo Ventimiglia from Gilmore Girls, as one of the Hero'sThe first two episodes have aired now, and you can watch them in their entirety at, and I recommend it, but something has been bothering me about the show so far. They have had some great dramatic build up, but have left me wanting more, and I knew it in the back of my head, but just didnt really verbalize it too well. During my daily blog reads today, blogger friend Dave over at Blogophraphy, who is so damn better than me at words, summed it up quite well. We havent really seen the powers yet, they are just be glanced over in favor of the drama. I am not going to complain yet, because I like the drama and the writing so far, but I could bend over to Dave's negativity quickly if I dont start seeing some gosh darn flying!! LOL.

In The News..........why do we help the press out, it's not bad enough that they link the GLBT communtiy to all things evil, but why does whenever someone of prominence, or scandal "come out", they link negative to their behavior as well, Foley Finally Comes Out, Claims He Was Molested; as it should be, protecting and caring for all demographics in our community, AIDS Advocacy Groups To Launch HIV Aging Program; well, I dont think he was right in what he did, but I am sure it's not the REAL issue here, Embattled Gay School Sup't Suspended; and finally, hmmmm, will Dr. Ruth be the Chief of Staff, Sex Therapist Runs For California Governor

Okay, after seeing this on You Tube, and then reported on over at Brat Boy School, I was thinking this had to be a joke, someone who just made this video to muck with us. Well, I was wrong, it is an ACTUAL TV show from those crazy Danes, and it has already been banned in Poland. So I just HAVE to share with you this hilarious video about the reality show, "Gay Army". It even makes me rethink abolishing the 'dont ask, dont tell' policy might not be a bad idea, JUST KIDDING....

Getting back to Hero's, If you never checked out my old attempt at the Gay Guru After Dark, (I am getting it back going, I promise,) you might have missed my eye candy salute to Super Hero's. If so, this is a good post to put them up again over at this blog. Most of these photo's were found at, and I appreciate their appreciation of all things, "Super".



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