Friday, October 06, 2006

The Gay Ghetto Is No More, No Saturday Post, Anyone Need a Guru For A Roomate?? Daily Eye Candy

Hello blogger friends. In true gay high drama style, the gay ghetto I have talked about in the past, where I live, is no more. I wake up this morning to my Internet not working, my television not working and a gas man at the front door. He's there to turn off the gas. WHAT??? It seems under cloak and darkness, in stealth to the utmost degree, my landlord and his lover have sold all the properties and are leaving the gay ghetto. When, you may ask? MONDAY!! Yup, that's right, in three days the moving van is coming to get all of their belongings. My head is spinning so fast right now boys and girls that I am getting dizzy typing. It seems that they have sold out to a management company out of New York, who bought the places and will be our new landlords. Of course they promise that all rents will stay the same and everything will be business as usual. UMMMMM...YEA, RIGHT!!

Have I told you all about the arrangements of the gay ghetto? Let's start by saying that none of us have any leases, nothing written down whatsoever, verbal agreements at best. Rent is fairly cheap and most include utilities. It is definitely a bargain for the size of the places, of course you do give up things like the area where we live, which is improving thank god, and that it takes forever to get anything repaired, and that is only when it goes out, there has never been preventative maintenance in the places. Also included, was the cable internet connection and the satellite tv. A nice thing to be included until you find out they will turn it off without any notice, as I have found out today. Now I have to scramble to get service at the earliest of the cable companies convenience, while trying for some sense of continuity in this blog and of course my life.

Now I want it to be known, that I have always loved my landlords, they are very fair, and nice to all of the tenants. I really do wish them well with all they want to do, and I understand their motivation and reason for selling, there are circumstances that dont need to be talked about on this blog. HOWEVER, the way they have handled this shows a complete lack of trust and respect. In the words of my landlord this morning, his partners exact words, if they dont like it, well fuck them. Yes, I have been fucked!! Look, I can find a place a new place to live no problem, and it is possible, (though truly doubtful,) that the new management company that bought the place will keep things relatively status quo and even make some improvements, but the bottom line is that the entire deal was done totally underhanded and handled in the worst way possible. You dont have the balls to tell someone that there will be no more internet service on such a such date, knowing full well that I run this blog and website and that it is important to me, instead you just let the service get turned off, and I have to ask what is going on?? Would it have been that hard to preserve the "secret" move, by saying, look we have decided that we are discontinuing the internet, so you should try to get service in your name by such and such a date, to avoid any problems with your site?? Shouldn't they have checked that the new management service was prepared to take the gas bills in their name, before having someone out who was ready to turn off the service? What if I wasnt home and they werent paying attention and just let him in, not realizing he was turning it off? I am not mad at them selling and moving on with their lives to bigger and better things, I am HUGELY disappointed that they took the low road to do it, and engaged in such high gay drama. I am even more disappointed by their total lack of friendship to me over the entire situation. They KNOW I keep to myself and would not spread gossip about what they are doing! They COULD have let me know that I needed to get new internet service and tv service BEFORE turning it off. They CHOSE not to.

Because of all of this blogger friends, I am at Mama Guru's house writing this blog and trying to figure out how I am going to handle everything that was in the works for this weekend with the new website update and the Calendar Contest starting up. I may not be able to post tomorrow due to my work schedule and not being able to get over to this computer. Damn I wish I had a laptop I could wirelessly connect to at Borders or Barnes and Noble. If any of you know anyone who is selling a laptop cheap, let me know here at the website. I will be able to check my email thru my phone the rest of today and tomorrow. Sunday, I was planning on my weekly trek to Mama and Papa Guru's for laundry and dinner and I will write then about what the status of everything is. Thanx for understanding blogger friends, and the website update will have to hold off until at least Sunday or Monday, along with the calendar contest. Wish me luck on everything...........GG

Oh, and I couldnt put this up without some eye candy, so here is some hot guys direct for hot blogger site Muscle in Progress. Enjoy these pics, and remember there may not be a post on Saturday or until late on Sunday.....Have a great weekend blogger friends.....keep me in your thoughts as I work out my new living situation. Anyone need a roomate anywhere in the country?? I am a very good and housebroken Guru that needs little care and



Gay ghetto, lol!
Woof, love the pix as always!


Yikes, I take a break from studies to check out the site and I read this. Oh kiddo, I am SOOOO sorry to hear about the living situation! Similar thing happened to me where I'd been renting for 5 years...told I could live there forever (yeah, right!) wasn't raised that whole time...they loved me and my poochies...then BAM, they sold the house out of the blue in ONE WEEK!!!! I put my foot down about tenant rights and ended up with two months before having to move, AND the wife (married couple were the landlords) was VERY sorry about it, but still. And in SoCal with sky high rents AND having dogs...tough situation, trust me. Hey, ya feel like moving back to Cali??? Lots of hotties like pic #1 floating around. ;) Good luck, kiddo.

The Gay Guru

Thanx for the support SoCal, and all of you who have sent an email, will keep you all posted.....GG


That sucks!! I think that was really underhanded of them, they could have given some sort of notice at least. I hope all turns out well for you GG, I'm sure it will. ;-) peace

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