Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Gay Guru Calendar For A Cause, Amish Tragedy in PA, Jai Rodriguez and Patti LaBelle, Daily Eye Candy

So I am in the midst of preparing things for the 6 month anniversary of the Gay Guru launch, and the next evolutions of the site and what I am trying to accomplish. I also told you over the past few weeks that I wanted to run a contest. Well, it's not a contest so much as a fund raising idea, and I have no way of knowing if it will work out or not. I may be too late into the game, but I really want to create and sell for charity, a couple of Gay Guru calendars. People seem to enjoy the eye candy here, and there are so many good looking men with great personalities out there that never get seen in the gay community. In conjunction with my "sister" site that I am reviving, The Gay Guru After Dark, I want to create both a G-PG13 and a R-XXX rated calendars to be sold thru the internet to raise money for a local and national charity that are close to my heart. I am going to have the first proceeds of the calendar going to the Elizabeth Glasier Pedriatic AIDS Foundation and the AIDS Resource Center of Ohio. It may be too late in the year to start a 2007 calendar project, but I am hoping with your hard work, we can get it done. Go to the Gay Guru Website, anytime after October 7th, and submit your picture to be included in the calendar. The top 18 entries will be posted on this website for the G and PG13 rated photo's and on The Gay Guru After Dark site for the R and XXX rated photo's, for voting on October 31st. After one week of voting, the winners will be notified and the calendars will be printed and available for sale starting on November 15th. This is a volunteer effort, with proceeds going to the AIDS Foundation, there will be no pay for your pictures, and you will have to sign a release. I am trying to arrange sponsorship prizes for the winners, and any prizes will be announced as the contest goes forth. Pictures can be anywhere from G, PG, R or XXX rated for consideration, and you can enter more than one picture. The entry page will have a release to sign off on when you submit your picture. Remember, these calendars will be sold on this website, throughout the world. If you secretly fantasize about other boys ogling your hot body, send in your picture now!! If you just want to show off your good looks fully clothed, you can submit those too, and they will be part of the main Gay Guru calendar. Two calendars will be printed, the G - PG13 calendar and the XXX Calendar. You can submit to one or both types of calendars, just again remember these will be up for sale to raise money for AIDS research. If it seems like the project wont be able to get off the ground in time, I will cancel the project and revive it earlier next year, but I hope we can get it going. Start taking those photo's and remember, they must be of YOU and you must provide a release for the photo to be used. The release will be assigned to the calendar project ONLY and cannot be used to use your picture in any other forum.

Being in exile here in my NE corner of Ohio, I want to take just a second to pause and think about the horrible tragedy yesterday, not far over the line in Pennsylvania, in the latest shooting of young children at a school. I am close enough to Amish communities here, that I have had many contacts and casual friendships with the people of this simple and gentle religion. Taking out your grown up frustrations with the world out on children is reprehensible enough, no matter who they are, but to bind and execute 6-13yo young women, who have no experience in their lives past their family and religion, is truly a shame. Of course Rosie O'Donnell got into it on the View this morning, and I am sure she will receive her usual amount of hate mail for getting on the NRA, but really this country needs to look at our fascination with guns and killing. Was guns the cause of this mans problems?? Of course not, but as Rosie pointed out, if the man only had a knife and not 3 types of guns, one semi-automatic, would the women not have attempted to risk their lives to protect their children. One knife against 3 women brings you pause, one gun against 3 women and the cast is pretty much set. Just something to think about as we pause to think about this latest tragedy for America's youth, and do you really have the right to own a semi-automatic weapon, or ak47??

Okay, you all know I am a big reality TV fan, right, well a TV fan in general really, but I have to admit, I did not get on the "Celebrity Duets" bandwagon. I loved the queer quotient with Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye, Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk, and Little Richard from, ummmm, well, he is just Queer!! Still I just didnt want to tune into this show for some reason or another. UNTIL of course, in my usual perusing of You Tube, and now even showing up on Perez Hilton, this little ditty pops up. Now I know that Jai can sing, because I actually saw him as ANGEL in my favorite musical RENT, up in Canada, and he does have some pipes, but c'mon, how's even a talented gay guy not get swallowed up by all that is Patty LaBelle?? Anyway, I love, love, love this video sequence, first with Jai strutting his bad gay self with the "oh no you didnt" head moves and the leather beret, and secondly with the psychodelic rainbow lighting of the set, and of course, miss diva herself, Patty Labelle, just bringing it. If you havent seen this yet, enjoy, if you have, it's worth a second look.....

Eye Candy today comes from my blogger friend from the southern hemisphere, at On Top Down Under, I love his matter of fact writing about himself and his live as a Kiwi, and whats going on in his life. Enjoy blogger friends........GG



What I loved about Celebrity Duets was that Simon Cowell was smart enough to put some huge names on that show, to remind us of their greatness, past, present, and future.

Gladys Knight, Taylor Dayne, Bonnie Tyler, Smokey Robinson, Richard Marx, Dionne Warwick, James Ingram, Aaron Neville, to name a few.

And not only could Jai sing, but he was an excellent performer, too.

And Lucy Lawless wasn't all that bad either. She has great...er...ah...sneakers.

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