Wednesday, October 18, 2006


OMG Blogger Friends, I am posting from my own apartment, from my own Internet connection, it's a miracle, and I hope it lasts!! A quick update.....Yes the gas is back on, I have heat and hot water, as of yesterday morning around 1pm, and Internet service as of midnight this morning. This Internet is not as fast as the cable Internet the previous landlord included, but he screwed up that account, while screwing us over, so I had to settle for DSL from ATT. All I know is that I actually can start writing daily, answering email daily and getting the ball rolling again!! Last night was my first shower in my own apartment since last Friday morning, it felt great. Things are still unsettled, as I have no lease yet, and I have no idea if they are going to try to raise my rent, or ask us to leave at the end of the month, but I am keeping a good attitude, and hoping everything else will work out. I still dont have TV hook up yet, but I can get the crappy broadcast channels here and I can fake my way thru it and watch most of my favorites on the Internet.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for sticking with me through all of this drama the past couple of weeks!! Readership has dropped just a little bit, and I am sure it will pick right back up after I start posting now regularly again. Special thanx to all of you who have left emails of encouragement and the blogger friends with actual access to the gay guru hotline who called to wish me well. It has been driving me crazy, not being able to talk to you everyday, but it HAS given me a long time to pause and think about some new directions for the blog and website, and hopefully they will all get established very soon. With all of your imput, help, readership, and friendship, The Gay Guru will rise back bigger and better than ever, so please if you have a chance write a quick blurb about me in your daily blog to let people know I am back among the daily living......Luv You Guys and Gals!!!!

How appropriate I am back and hitting the ground running on "HUMP"day Wednesday, since I have neglected all of you, your daily hotness for the past week and a half. Well starting today, Eye candy will be back in force, with a special expanded edition and a name change. Check out the second post for these hot, hot men!

I am going to take a bit and compose all of the information I have been saving to write about, and make a complete blog entry here by this afternoon. I just wanted to tease you and let you know that the Guru is back and ready to roll. Talk soon blogger friends, talk soon!!!!!............GG


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