Sunday, October 29, 2006

Election Coming Soon.....VOTE, In The News, Craig Ferguson, "Captured Cuties"

Start of a new week blogger friends and readers, and I am up bright and early to go to yet another week of training......whoooopieeee!! Thanx for all the email and comments to yesterdays post, got some great feedback and appreciated all of your insight. So the mid-term elections are only one week away, and I read a scary statistic in my local paper yesterday. The paper polled over 200 people in 3 counties here in NE Ohio, and 2/3 of them refused to answer questions about the upcoming elections, or were not going to vote. One sophomore at the local university said he really doesnt pay much attention to midterm elections and he has class that day and probably wouldnt have time to vote. WHAT?? Doesnt pay much attention to midterm elections? Dude, you are 19 and a sophomore, the last midterm elections for you, you were 15, I am not surprised you didnt pay attention. And you are too busy with school?? Obviously you are not taking a government class!

In that same article, only 40% knew was running for the major state offices besides Governor and a Senator. No clue to their local House Representative, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, etc. At least they were a little more up to date on the ballot propositions, and there arent that many here in Ohio this year. They are trying to raise the state minimum wage here in Ohio from a whopping $5.15 an hour, to $6.85, and put it into our state constitution for adjustments for inflation. The opponents are saying there is a clause for them to have to disclose salaries and work history that would lose privacy and make bookkeeping harder for them. Boo Fricken Hoo!! Some of you California and western state readers may be shocked to know that Ohio is one of many states that has a "tip credit minimum wage". What does that mean? It means my best friend J, who has been a server at the local Red Lobster while going to school for his Masters and finding work after, only makes $2.13 an hour as a waiter here in ohio. $2.13!!!!! The minimum wage in California in 1979 was $2.11 cents. The only time a restaurant employer has to pay more than the 2.13 is if the average tips do not equal what the 5.15 and hour would have been. It's absolutely ridiculous!! PLEASE use this week to read up on your local issues on the ballot and who is running for what office in your state. Everyone needs to vote! That is one of the reasons our country is always said to be "going to hell", because we have lost the feeling that our vote counts and that is what sets us apart from so many other nations. Of course I am going to vote Democratic in most positions, but if you really, strongly in the Republican candidate in your area over the Democrat, please do vote for him, JUST VOTE! It is NOT a right or a priveledge, it's your DUTY.

Also In The News............Democrats Eyeing Control Of Congress Also Have High Hopes For State Races; why cant they just stick to pancake breakfast's and feeding the poor, Tennessee Church Starts Wal-Mart Boycott Over Gay Support; first a t-shirt, then a burning cross in the front yard, Anti-Gay T-Shirt Battle Heads To Supreme Court; this is definitely NOT disturbing for me, more like an act of God, Evangelical-GOP Alliance Continues To Weaken; and finally, talk about having your cake and eating it to, this is a real split decision, Support For Dueling Colorado Gay Amendments Remains High.

And just for fun, a little more Craig Ferguson humor, as he ponders what to call the gay marriage rights in New Jersey........the leather boys are loving it, LOL.

Since I am off around 6:30 tonight, I may post some more stuff later, but if not, here is some more of our hot, "Captured Cuties", brought to us today by a hottie friend at MySpace, who is all about teaching bodybuilding to beginners, and he has the body to prove it works. Hope you all have a great week blogger friends and readers.......enjoy..........GG



That Craig Ferguson clip is actually from the night we were little do you realize, but you DO hear me laughing...okay, maybe only I can tell which laugh is mine, but... ;) He also had Tim Meadows doing a 'report from New Jersey' (really, just 3 feet in front of our seats :)) on the gay marriage/civil union/civil rights story...funny stuff. It's available on Craig's CBS site. Have a great week! :)

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