Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger Friends Eloquence on Michael J. Fox Story, New Jersey: Not Marriage But I Like It, Craig Ferguson Snippet, "Captured Cuties"

Hey there blogger friends and readers, a Thursday, and I dont get the day off as usual, have to go in to cover for a friend who is going in for surgery today. I want to start out with a little follow up to my post the other day about Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michael J. Fox, for "acting" or "purposefully being off his meds", in a recent campaign ad for a democrat who supports stem cell research. Fellow blogger friend, over at his blog, "The Lost Find", has his own post on the matter, which is really well written and heartfelt, unfortunately because it comes with first hand experiences with Parkinsons. I hope you will take a couple minutes to pop over to his site and read his thoughts on the matter.

Of course I have to talk about the big "In The News" story out of New Jersey yesterday. The state supreme court there found in a 4-3 ruling, that the state of New Jersey must afford all of the same rights and priveledges of marriage equally to same sex couples as they do to "traditional couples." They stopped short of ordering gay marriage, and left the semantics and the terminology to the state legislature, giving them 180 days to draft the new rules and decide to label it marriage or civil unions. What made New Jersey a lynchpin in the fight for gay marriage rights equality, is that there is no law there that would prevent a union there to not be recongnized in any other state, unlike Massachussett's that has gay marriage, but also a law that makes it legal ONLY in Mass. The positive ruling for gay marriage there would mean that couples could get married in New Jersey, and then have a better legal leg to stand on in their own state by suing for their union to be legal in their home state.

Some gay rights advocates are disappointed in the ruling not explicitely saying that "gay marriage" should be legal. Personally, I dislike the symantics game and prefer that we be given the unique status of "civil unions", and here is why.... Of course this is only my opinion, but marriage to me is and always has been a religious term and ceremony. I was the best man at my best friends marriage in the baptist ceremony, and again when they renewed their vows in a catholic ceremony, after they had converted. I have been to marriage ceremonies for both jewish and mormon friends. We use the term "marriage" to implicate the act, but really all it is, is the joining of two people's lives in a legally binding way, and affording them rights, priveledges, and expectations under the law. Their uniting together, or their "union's" are relatively all the same under the law. What is different to me is the way they were "married" or the ceremony that was performed. As a gay man, I do not need to be called "married", as long as I am given all the rights and priveledges and expectations, equally to my heterosexual counterparts. In fact, having the style and uniqueness we have, I sorta prefer our own special unique name to our coming together legally under the law, and a "civil union" is just fine by me. Is there any reason I cannot call my spouse my "husband" or my "wife" after a civil union? Is that the problem, the semantics of what to call my partner in life? Believe me I have seen nelly queens call their boyfriends of 2 months their "husband" and I have seen straight friends call their married spouse their "significant other", what difference does it make?

Please, let's not get bogged down in the semantics to prevent a celebration of another victory in our equal rights to our heterosexual counterparts in entering into a legally binding relationship. I truly believe we would move our cause farther and faster if we would drop the "marriage" label altogether and just concentrate on getting equal protection rights under the law for our committed relationships, then go out and have a ceremonial "marriage" or "civil union" in any church, backyard, beach, mountaintop, townhall you wish and celebrate your joining together in our own unique styles. Thank you New Jersey Supreme Court, Thank You!!!!

So I have something bugging me, and maybe it's just jealousy, but I have already found my topic for "On My Last Gay Nerve," for this Sundays post. Unless something else really fires me up between now and Sunday, the topic will be subtitled, "I wish I were a model", and it will be a serious rant on a pet peeve of mine and a sour taste I have in my mouth of a certain fellow blogger, model. Why am i posting this now, haha, I dont know, guess I am still jealous and mad and need to vent a bit after my daily web surfing this morning. Anyway, wanna know what has me so hot and bothered? Tune in Sunday to find out........I am such a tease, maybe I am a model on the inside, LMAO.

And recently, I have been staying up late, and have caught Craig Ferguson's show on CBS, and he is much funnier than I thought he was. I really didnt know much about him besides the few times I saw the "Drew Carey Show". Anyway, just for a bit of giggles today, here is a clip from one of his recent monologues.

Todays "Captured Cuties" were found over at those Male and Beautiful Blog, and they have some hotties flickered there. Weekend is almost here blogger friends...enjoy..GG



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