Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catching Up On TV...Big Brother Finale, Dancing With the Stars Begin, Rockstar Supernova Last 2 Nights, Nemesis Hot New Video, In The News, Eye Candy

It's "HUMP"day Wednesday Blogger Friends, the week is half way over!! Guess what? I actually was able to only work a half day yesterday, and caught me up on some tv. I haven't talked about Big Brother all summer, because I have been sorta watching, but was not happy with the final two left in the house. Mike "boogie", rode the coattails of "Chill Town" mayor Will, all summer, and as Chicken George said, I hate awarding a half million dollars to someone who already owns a couple of restaurants, with more on the way. Erica, I have always just viewed as a very bland "floater" in the house, and never really interested me. I thought she really was blinded by the love of a "showmance" and didnt play well until her and Janelle figured the boys out. I watched bits and pieces of the finale last night night, and have to agree with Nikomas, Janelle and Will should have been the final two in that house. But they weren't, and Boogie won, and that's about as much wrap up as I care about Big Brother Allstars.

I also channel surfed through the latest premiere of "Dancing With The Stars". Another show I have sorta watched, but mostly for the guys to be honest. I had always had a crush on Drew Lachey, big brother to Nick, waaaaaaayyyy back in their 98 Degrees days. This season, the boys, and only reason lol, to watch is for Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence. Mario has that gorgeous smile and dimples big enough to set up camp in. I have been a fan of Joey's ever since waaaaayyy back in the days of "Gimme A Break" with Nell Carter, and for a season, my bud, Rosie O'Donnell. Joey played stupid sooo well on "Blossom", but I could just never get into that show. I am not sure how I feel about his new chrome-dome bald look, but the all grown up Joey is still pretty damn hot.

Of course, the BEST part of the night was being able to watch "Rockstar Supernova" again!! Wow, what a great show, I cant believe it's going to be over tonight and that I will probably miss tonights show. Any GG fans out there who can tape it or burn it to a dvd, let me know, I will pay for the format and shipping!! First, let's talk for a second how excited I was to see Ryan Starr being voted as the fan favorite, getting a killer encore last night and winning the new car, THAT ROCKS!! After all is said and done, here is my final assesment going into tonight.......If Dilana does not win, it will be a crime!!! She completely OWNED that stage last night. She rocked out "Roxeanne", and though it's not the best of the four, she just totally rocked out on her original song. And now I am going to change up my order of the next 3 that I have been saying all along. Magni, which I have said all along should be and would be in the final 2, is going to be the first to leave tonight. As much as I love him, last night, he was the least inspired of the four, and unfortunately, you are only as good as your last performance sometimes. I still think he is incredibly talented, and is sexy and seems like a really great guy, he will be better off being the baddest rocker in Iceland, who makes a cool disk here in the states and does a small tour. Toby, who has in my opinion, the most catchy, and best original songs of the final four, should come in third tonight. I think he is talented, and a good singer, but honestly, is just too much of a pretty boy for this type of band. I can see him going far as an awesome opening act, or headling in smaller venues all across the world. That changes my final 2 to Lukas and Dilana. I still just cant wrap my head around Lukas, but the boys of Supernova just LOVE him. I can see it in the way they watch him, and I think maybe I know why. I think Lukas reminds them of how they used to be. He has the look and the intensity of each of their original bands. But I think that's my problem with him, they are not who they used to be. They are still just as talented as they have always been, but Tommy, Gil and Jason, are a bit older now, a bit more mature, still rockers for sure, but are not of the mascara and attitude type that Lukas represents anymore. I am sure Lukas could be HUGELY succesful fronting a new rockband of twenty-somethings, with all of the exposure he has gotten on the show, but eventually, he would not be a good fit for Supernova. Now comes my girl Dilana!! Always the show favorite, she has deserved every second of it. I think since the boys have only played in all boy bands, they need a hot chick to shake them up a bit. Will Tommy be able to keep his hands off of her on tour? I honestly feel that is the only negative she has going for her. I think that Tommy might be afraid of what COULD happen if they picked Dilana. Dilana rocks my stuff and I predict and hope, she will win tonight!! I will recap tomorrow on the final show, what I have heard if I cant watch it, and my final sneak peak into growing up around Tommy Lee, back in California. And for a special treat, if you have not seen it yet, you HAVE to see this video of Dilana, "Back in the Day", before she had all of her piercings and tattoos, but was just on her way up the rock star success charts. Dont think she can hold her own in a havent seen this yet. Dont think she is a tough chic....listen to the spoken word rapping near the end of the song. Thanx again to the greatest thing to hit the internet, You Tube, for getting this kick ass video of a look back on "Dilana Smith"

Speaking of music, remember the twins I blogged about back HERE, that have thier own reality show coming to the LOGO network this October?? Well, they have their first video out now. I have to say, the song is not that bad. I am not sure how I feel about them making out with the girl in the video, but at least they are admiring the guy as well. I guess I can understand the marketing need to make it more mainstream, and at least they are not totally eradicating any gay content in it. I will have to see more videos from them before I pass any judgement. So enjoy a peak into the new music video of "Nemesis", with their first single, "#1 in Heaven". You can go to the LOGO link..........HERE

In The's time to get your VOTE on, Primaries In 9 States; not as bad as jack the ripper, but beware my english friends, Warning To Gays As Violent Killer Disappears; do ask because we are going to tell, Protests In Three Cities Over Gay Military Ban; and finally...ooops, it was all a big misunderstanding, yea right!, University Backtracks On Gay Club Ban

Hope all you blogger friends get thru the rest of the week all right, here's our regular expanded "HUMP"day Wednesday Eye Candy, found on one of my blogger friends that recently has uprooted his life to California, over at the wonderful world of leaonard. Enjoy these hot pics, he always has some great ones.......GG




In my humble opinion as a profeminist gay man, the rock industry men's club is not ready for her intensity.

In reality, she is talented, sexy, and powerful. I would compare her to other great women rockers like Pat Benetar and Melissa Etheridge, and she's a better performer and has better range than many man rock singers.


i love hump day! BECAUSE it's close to Friday! ;-) peace

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