Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dreamgirls Mania Begins, In The News, Blogger Nominations, Captured Cuties

Okay, there are two things where my "homometer" goes off the charts, lol. First when I get into a decorating mode. I have to have everything coordinate just so, and a place for everything and everything in it's place kinda deal. Then there is my typical stereotype number 2, musicals. I really enjoy going to any kind of a play, but a musical just gets me going like nothing else. RENT, Chorus Line, Phantom, Le Mis, hell, I even enjoyed Chess and Andrew Lloyd Weber's roller skating fiasco. The point of letting you know this is to excuse my gushing over the new movie version of "Dreamgirls", coming out next month. HELLO!! Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, what a dream cast for dreamgirls. We are just one day away until Beyonce's version of "Listen" is being launched on MTV at 3:30 on TRL. You have to see this performance if you missed her singing it on Oprah!! I am soooo looking forward to this movie, and I will talk more about it as it gets closer to release.

A few interesting things IN THE NEWS............and who wasn't waiting for this to happen, Police Investigate Haggard's Gay Whistleblower; quick, lets make them sorta equal before they become full equal, N.J. Conservatives Try End Run Around Gay Marriage; it's good to see the "experts" on our side, God forbid they listen to someone qualified, Constitutional Experts Call For Overturn Of Ban On Gays In Military; and finally, the first battle for equality to be "Webcast", Maryland Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case.

For all of my blogger friends and readers over on MySpace, I have been getting a lot of notes recently that my account is being screwed up again. A lot of you aren't able to see all the pictures that go with my posts and especially the Captured Cuties. I am also able to send comments to others MySpace pages now, but I still can't write them a message or reply to messages you send me thru MySpace. Until I figure out if I have to finally create a new page, or get it fixed. You can always click here to go to the main blog page to see the pictures. I do appreciate all of you MySpace readers and want you to know if I dont reply back to your message, its because I cant. You can email me questions or comments directly, to scott@thegayguru.net. Also, I want to again thank all of my readers who have taken the time to nominate me for a "MySpace Impact Award", I am not sure if I will get enough nominations to get on the ballot, but I appreciate those of you who did go to their page to nominate me, if the rest of you would like to, you still can until go to the nomination page HERE. And while I hate pimping myself for awards, I do want to thank a couple readers who nominated me over at Best Gay Blogs, Blogger of the Year Awards. Again, I doubt that I will have enough nominations to make it to the ballot, but if any of you would like to submit me for "Personal Blog" or "Community Blog", you can CLICK HERE and it would be appreciated.

Today's Captured Cuties comes from blogger friend Scott-O-Rama, and beware when you check out his site, he has adopted a new puppy, and you may have an uncontrollable urge to get to your nearest animal shelter and find a cutie for yourself....Enjoy blogger friends..........GG


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