Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Petition For Disheartened Conservatives, A Musical Number, LOL, "HUMP"day Wednesday Expanded Captured Cuties

Second post, had to get that blurb about Adrienne Barbeau and Dee Wallace Stone. I pick them up at the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow night at 7:15 and am still pretty excited. I got some great feedback already, but am looking for lot's more, thanx blogger friends and readers.

My fave girl I brag about all the time, SoCalMuchacha, sent me a nice email today and let me know about Michael Moore's latest project. I appreciate Mr. Moore being on the Democrat's side, and I have enjoyed his expose's, but do feel at times, like he can be the liberal Rush Limbaugh and kinda make up some facts to support his liberalism. That being said, I really enjoy this "Liberals Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives", that he has created. I strongly recommend friends that you go read this and sign it, it has many truths to it. I was the 12,825th signature, and am proud to have done so. Although it is somewhat tongue in cheek, all the points are very valid and it can be thought of as liberal's "Contract with America", if you will.

And for a little filler today, here is a fun lil musical number from John Cameron Mitchells, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". I wrote about his new project, "Short Bus" a while back, and I cant wait to see it, but I really enjoyed this movie.

And of course, lets finish off with some extra expanded "HUMP"day Wednesday Captured Cuties from hot boy blog, Muscle in Progress. Enjoy the rest of the week blogger friends.............GG



I tend to be a pretty big fan of Michael Moore's work too... he always has a way of exposing the dirty truths about this world in one way or another..

And hey, thanks for the shout-out! I'll try to keep the good stuff coming :)

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