Friday, November 03, 2006

A Snowflake Already, Rosie On Letterman, Lot's of In The News, Borat and Jon Stewart, Captured Cuties

Winter is here blogger friends and readers!! Yes, I said Winter!! NE Ohio had it's first snowfall of the season last night. Okay, I am not talking about It's a Wonderful Life snow, or the blizzard of '06, but there was some white stuff fluttering around the wind last night, and enough to stick a thin layer to the top of the grass, but melting on the pavements and sidewalks. Can you tell I still have some writers block?? I am talking about the weather for crying out loud, lol. I am actually off this weekend, so I am going to blog light again tonight and try to give some substance over the next day or so. I will also try to get the website updated a bit again.

WOW, there has been a lot of interesting GLBT news, In The News lately, and just too many to post that I think might be interesting to you, so I am just going to give a generic link to the source I use for most of my GLBT news,, has a lot of good stories the last few days, and I recommend taking some time to look it over. I will get back to posting news regularly on Monday.

As you know, I admire a lot of what Rosie O'Donnell does and stands for, not everything mind you, but most, so I watched her appearance on David Letterman last night. After a 10 year absense from his show, I thought it was a great appearance. Dave didnt really steer her in any direction and she was able to talk about Barbara Walters at the View and her love of that other Barbra, Streisand. I was impressed when Dave, very matter of factly, asked Rosie about her "wife" and that it was the most normal thing in the world. What class!! Bravo Dave and Rosie, fun stuff!!

Okay, have you been following the Borat saga?? Some people just don't get it, and I think it's fricking hilarious. This has got to be one of the best cross promotions I have seen in like forever. "Borat" is making his rounds in the entertainment capitals of the US in anticipation of the big Borat movie launching today. I dont want to give the whole thing away and it's time you do some research on your own dammit, lol, so here is just a small clip to get you a glimpse to whom Borat is, as he visits the Jon Stewart show........

And today's Captured Cuties comes from blogger friend Ace over at Gayer Mechanic Wales, and because I have been in such a pisser mood lately, and because me likes some hot guys in briefs, an extra "capture" today. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends.........GG


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