Friday, November 24, 2006

Black and FABulous Friday, Coffee Date Date, In The News, Captured Cuties

It's Black Friday blogger friends and readers, and I hope you made it thru your Thanksgiving feasts and the throngs of shoppers at the stores this morning. I am not sure if our non-Americans have this phenomenon, but the day after our Thanksgiving, that is on the 4th Thursday of every November, we officially launch the beginning of the holiday season with Black Friday shopping. It has nothing to do with decorating really, that mess has been up since just before Halloween, but all of the stores open at some God-awful time between Midnight and 5am for after Thanksgiving sale bargains-a-plenty. I used to get caught up in this morning madness, but I have learned I enjoy sleep and coffee and donuts more. I was tempted to do a little midnight shopping, our local outlet stores in PA opened at 12:01am today for some bargains at all the retail outlet stores, but some family Texas Holdem last night quashed that notion. Anyway, thanx for all of the holiday wishes and I hope you enjoyed and are settled in for leftovers for the weekend.

Since shopping season has officialy started, let's get back to FABulous Friday finds for the rich and famous. If any of you have some money just lying around and dont know what to get me for christmas, something along these lines will suffice....LOL... Have money to spend just on anything! Then, how about buying a town of your. Giving it thought, already, then here is your chance of owning one. This small French town was built on the ruins of a Roman settlement. The village has 5 buildings in total and the next inhabited village is only just down the road. So, you can plan the things and set it up just like you love to do in Caesar games. The town features about 150 m2 of living space and land of 5,000 m2. The town is for sale for a price of $326,619

Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka who shot to fame with his 24-karat gold horse for the Japan’s newborn prince is now back with another luxury offering, a gold Christmas tree. The magnificent tree is made in pure 21㎏ gold which emits golden light to create a magical aura around it. The luxurious Christmas tree will set you back for a whopping $850,000. Now what if Santa visits you or not, this gold Christmas tree will attract lots of on-lookers showering not gifts but praises on your exhibit!

For the super-rich tycoons who need to carry useful business data all the time, Mii Stor has created a 4GB flash drive made from diamonds and white gold to pack your million dollar data in equally luxurious style. The Snow drive is a Sandisk 4GB drive encased in 18ct white gold studded with 96 white diamonds totalling 1.44ct. And, with the white gold chain, the precious little thing can be worn round your neck too. So, another chance to show off your wealth in an elegant yet geeky manner. The shiny flash drive retails for around $19,000. But, if more storage capacity is what you are looking for then leave the bling thing and get yourself the Buslink Pro 2 flash drive from CDW that is though not made of gold or platinum but it packs 64GB of data in it.

And finally, maybe my pet loving best buddy SoCalMuchacha might even let a vagabond traveller like me get a new puppy with this. If you are guilty of not paying proper attention to your pet but can’t help it with your hectic schedule then this Automatic Petwatch Timer is a must-have for you! This automatic device allows you to take care of your pet just like in real-time, even when you are not at home through a wireless network. The automatic pet food feeder, feeds your pet at pre-set intervals and can serve up to 5 meals a day. And, what more, you can even monitor your pet while you at work through a built-in camera in the Petwatch Timer. The unique pet gadget also allows you to speak to your pet or instruct him to behave through a pre-recorded voice command function. The Petwatch Timer is created by 3B System of Korea and it comes with a remote-control for a convenient set-up.

I have a date this weekend, and am cooking and was looking for a movie to watch, when I got a pleasant surprise in the mail today. (No not my porn order, that should be here next week silly's.) I got an email the other day from writer/director/producer Stewart Wade, asking if I would like to review his new movie. It has just come out in limited release in L.A. and Houston at the start of November, and is in a slow roll-out, and he offered to send me a promo copy before it makes it out to my exile here in the Northeast. How could I refuse such a generous offer, especially when the movie features out and proud cutie Wilson Cruz, and such great talent as Sally Kirkland, Jonathan Silverman, pop star Debbie Gibson, and more. I wasn't sure when it would arrive, and today with my Friday mail came the packet with the DVD and a nice press kit. Date night is now complete, and I will have a full review for you of this movie by Monday. You can check out the buzz on this film by visiting it's website at Or you can be a MySpace friend of the movie over at it's MySpace page, HERE.

If you werent able to catch up with all of the relatives in town, here's some of the latest I found interesting In The News..............hard to make a joke when murder is involved, but please, a porn star, Gay Porn Star Extradited In Colorado Murder; those crazy presidential wannabee's always looking out for the average Americans, Romney Asks Court To Order Anti-Gay Amendment Put To Voters; i knew there was a reason i always celebrated St. Patricks Day a bit hearty, 80% Support Gay Couples In Ireland; and finally, so we can see what finally went right for a change, Survey Examines Reasons For Arizona's Rejection Of Anti-Gay Amendment.

Have you been missing you some Captured Cuties the last couple of days?? Well, dont get bent over it, as a matter of fact, here's some bonus cuties from that hot and wacky Bent Blog, enjoy.......have a great weeekend...........GG



I would so rock the The Snow drive! unfortunately, my snow drive will have to be a mp3 player from Wal-Mart with some flour on it. ;-) peace

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