Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Excited, Scared, Sad; Guess Who I am Seeing Tomorrow Night??

Okay blogger friends and readers, here's the deal....I was all excited to post this morning and blogger was down, and could not post before I went to work. Luckily I am off a little earlier tonight and can get this post up. I have some exciting/scary/sad news, lol. I am not sure what of my life I have posted on here non-gay guru'ish', (and that's pretty sad when I think about it,) but anyway, I used to own a restaurant and bar that I leased in the bottom floor of a local hotel here in NE Ohio. I am still good friends with the owner and general manager of that hotel. Every November, for the past few years, the hotel host's a horror festival. They bring local and national movie companies to the area and have signings with horror stars, and memorabilia for sale, and continuous horror movie showings. Anyway, this thing is happening again this weekend, and I usually pop by and have met some very kewl old movies stars of the genre and a little mainstream. This morning, I get a call from the hotel general manager, asking what I am doing tomorrow. It's my day off, and though usually busy, said I am free for whatever she needed. Turns out, tomorrow night I am going to the airport and pick up Adrienne Barbeau and Dee Wallace Stone, and bring them back to the hotel!!! How crazy is that?? In case you dont know or remember who they are, (and shame on you,) Adrienne created the role of Rizzo on Broadway in Grease, Was daughter Carol to Bea Arthur's Maude, was in the recent HBO series Carnivale, and has been in many movies, (including some classic horror, which is why she is here,) and theatrical plays and has a great singing voice to boot. Dee is probably best remembered as the mom to Elliot in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and is an accomplished dancer, acting coach, and has been in many movies, tv programs and plays as well.

This is at once very exciting, because I am very familiar with them and their roles; Scary, because I dont want to come off as a complete dufus; and sad because I really admire them both and now they are relagated to being picked up by me, (not in a limo I might add, my trusty Buick,) and being exiled to sign horror autographs in NE Ohio, LOL. I am doing some serious Internet Googling tonight to make sure I have some conversation points if needed for the hour 20 minute ride to the hotel. I would like some of YOUR advice blogger friends. I am not familiar with the "queer quotient" of either of them, besides the fact that Maude was rather liberal and ground breaking. I am debating on whether letting them in on me being gay and asking if they mind if I write about them, or interview them for this blog, (more than I am here, LOL.) What is your opinions?? Of course I am not sure what they will be like, and I wouldnt dream of imposing on them or asking them anything if I felt the vibe wasnt right and they just wanted a quiet ride to the hotel. So tell me blogger friends and readers, send me comments and/or emails to let me know if I should try to land interviews for here at good ole' Gay Guru territory, or if I should respect their privacy. If you feel I should ask them if the mood seems right, are there any questions you would like to have answered by one or both of them??? Be sure to send me any questions you have and I will be sure to ask if I get the chance.

More blog to come in a couple hours............GG



How FUN for you, my dear! Hmmm, no questions from me, and all I can really come up with is that I'm pretty sure Dee is a vegetarian and animal lover...two AWESOME things in my book! :) Have a great time and just be your wonderful self and all will work out!


I remember Adrienne and Dee Wallace! SURE!

I'm not your average young gay man however. Hmmm...

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