Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Great Week, Funny Log Cabin Republican Video, New Southern Ohio Bishop is Gay Friendly

Weeks like this are making it very hard to rant on in my Sunday column, "On My Last Gay Nerve." It's hard find something to rant on when my party took back the Congress. One of our states, (Arizona), actually voted AGAINST a referendum to make marriage only between a man and a woman, the first time that has happened. And I got my schedule shifted around a couple of days at work to make my life a little easier!! WOO HOO! No rants here, unless I really try hard to look. I hope all of your weeks went as well blogger friends and readers.

Doing my spin around the blogosphere this weekend, I found this funny video about our slightly confused bretheren, the Log Cabin Republicans. Were they secretly giddy about the elections this past week. This You Tube video from American Dad was over at Boi From Troy's blog. Though the 'Boi' is usually a pretty straight-up, not usually humorous blog about Republican politics and the USC Trojans, he has a guest blogger in for a few days who brought this funny vid. It's nice to see some humor over there.

In some local Ohio news, A priest who supports same-sex unions was elected Saturday as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. 'I have a fairly settled conviction that any two persons who struggle to live and grow together in fidelity on a lifetime basis have the opportunity to experience God's grace and to use that relationship for holiness,' The Rev. Thomas Edward Breidenthal said. However, Breidenthal, a dean of religious life at Princeton University, said he would not perform a same-sex union without the consent of the church. 'I have every hope that eventually the church will work this matter out,' he said. The Episcopal Church, which has 2.3 million members, is at the center of a worldwide Anglican feud over how to interpret what the Bible says about sexuality. Katharine Jefferts Schori, who recently took office as presiding bishop, unapologetically supports ordaining gays and allowing blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples. In 2003, she voted to confirm New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. The uproar over his consecration is threatening to split the Anglican family, which The Episcopal Church represents in the United States. The diocese serves nearly 30,000 Episcopalians in 40 counties across southern Ohio.

I'll be back with some more later blogger friends including some Captured Cuties, enjoy your Sunday............GG



Cheers GG!

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