Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hmmmm, Could Rosie Be Right?, Buying For Equality with the HRC, MTV Real World Denver

Homophobic or just Hypocritical?? Hey blogger friends, I was called to the carpet and found wanting this morning with this picture I received in an email. Yesterday, I posted on the whole Kelly Ripa/Clay Aiken/Rosie O'Donnell fiasco over Aiken's covering Ripa's mouth at an attempt at humor. To counter the joke, Ripa gave Aiken the tired line of "Oh no you dont, who knows where that hand has been." Rosie percieved the comment as homophobic, prompting Ripa to call in and chastise RO's stance and say it was the germaphobe in her with cold and flu season going around. Personally, I did immediately feel the context in which it "could be" homophobic, based on assumptions about Aikens orientation, but I really felt that it was just a tired joke off the cuff after an unexpected play by Aiken. So that was my thoughts then. Now I get this picture of "vintage" Regis and Kelly, and have to concurr that while I still dont believe Ripa meant it as a homophobic remark, the picture makes the argument more plausible, or at the very least, very hypocritical. Thanx for the imput Steve and other readers who gave their opinion.

Maybe I am only half gay, or it could be because I am chubby, lol, but while I am thinking about stuffing and dinner tomorrow, a lot of my gay and str8 for that matter, friends, are thinking about the "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving shopping deals. I have many a friend, caught up in that whole 5am onslaught for the 19 dollar DVD player with 50 dollar color tv and 10 dollar jeans. As one who gets most of his shopping done within 36 hours of December 25th, I just don't get it, LOL. Anyway, if you are a tried and true shopper, I do suggest browsing thru the HRC's "Buying For Equality" guide. I believe this is the third edition of the guide that is available as a printable .pdf file online, or you can have it shipped to your home, free of charge. Every day, you make decisions about whom to support in corporate America. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Buying for Equality can help you easily support companies that support equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans. A record 138 companies scored 100 percent on this year’s report, which is a significant increase from the 101 companies that earned a perfect score last year. Every day, from enhanced domestic partner benefits to transgender inclusion in non-discrimination policies, we are seeing a revolution in the American workplace. Check it out before you hit the shops on Friday. Don't deny your shopping gene and miss out on a great buy because it's not on the list, but wouldn't it make you feel better to support gay friendly businesses when you could.

Hey, if you havent fallen asleep from all of that turkey tomorrow night, the new season of MTV's The Real World debuts at 10pm from Denver. I have been very lucky that Victoria has been sending me all the new events at MTV and I have been pretty bad about posting them all. She is a sweet person for giving me the information to get out to you all and I am going to start posting all of it here as I get it. The new season of Real World in Denver, looks like one of the most drama filled years since Hawaii. Davis fills this years "gay" role, and he is very cute and seems to be pretty outspoken. Here's a few clips from the trailer to the season, and also some highlights of the casting reels. Real World Denver moves from the traditional Monday night time slot to Thursdays, so if Grey's Anatomy is not enough drama for you from sure to switch over to MTV for the season premiere tomorrow night.

More later blogger friends, brother Guru comes in with his wife and my nephew today, and I will add some captured cuties and a couple more things later tonight....GG



People never cease to amaze me. Rosie calling Ripa homophobic for that comment would mean that Rosie just outed Aiken. But no one talks about that :P

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